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  1. Not sure on this one. Any Ideas? Grants Pass Or
  2. Is this a flycatcher of some kind. Not the best photo but that's all I have. Grants Pass Or. Thank You
  3. Not the greatest photo but thought some may tell by shape. He was flying high and I could only get this shot Grants Pass Or
  4. Not sure what this is . It looked like some kind of wren. Poor photos sorry Grants pass Or.
  5. Just need a confirmation on these two Grants Pass Or 1. Wilson Warbler 2. Yellow Warbler (sorry photo bad)
  6. Thank You I was looking more and I think you're right. The photo just made it look like it was a smaller bird. little longer than most warblers
  7. Stuck on this one. Thought it was a nuthatch but i don't think so Grants pass Or.
  8. I think this is a Lazuli Bunting. Could it be a Western Bluebird? We have both in the area. Grants Pass Or
  9. Pretty sure on this one. It was unexpected to see it trying to kick out the sparrow family. Grants Pass Or.
  10. Some kind of warbler, I'm thinking Wilson's Grants Pass Or
  11. Thank you Bee_Keeper for explaining, That's how we learn. We have had a couple Golden eagles hanging around. I can hope, maybe some day
  12. I'm thinking juvenile Bald eagle. Does everyone agree? Could someone give me a guide to tell when it's Golden. They are usually so high and difficult to ID Grants Pass Or.
  13. I'm thinking more Orange-crowned. Poor photo sorry Grants Pass Or
  14. I Think I can finally figure out the Goldfinches Grants Pass Or. 1. American Goldfinch ? 2. Two American and one lesser
  15. Is this a standard Rufous hummingbird? I've never seen those markings on the throat grants pass or
  16. Is this a Coopers Hawks Or ? Hope someone knows from these photos Grants Pass, Or.
  17. Only have back photos but I'm thinking Red-shouldered rather than Red-tailed Grants Pass Or
  18. Could this be an American Pipit? Not the best photo but that is my best guess. Grants Pass Or Thanks
  19. Grants Pass Or Are all of these Red Shoulder Thanks for any assistance Second
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