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  1. Hi, Brit birder mostly in Cali but brief trip to Indiana has left me with a few queries. These two both June, I need help with, one I think is just a bad shot of Acadian. just would like a some one with experiance to confirm or correct me if I'm wrong, the second, really no idea. Bill looks to big and structure too bulky for a peewee based on other experiance but no obvious rufous in the tail to support my suspicion that it might be great crested based on size, bill structure and general impression but no experiance with Myiarchus so really can't make a call. Many thanks!!!
  2. Hs this Clay colored please?Pales lores, thick yellow eye ring, rufous crown , brownish rump, rufous fringing to tail distinct mustache, crown reddish with distinct pale median stripe. If Chipping why please UK birdder trying to learn. They have seemed quite obvious. If totally different then again please why. You have so many sparrows, I have two!!!.^) Many thanks
  3. Hi, Confused brit, what is this rather messy sparrow please Yosemite. Aug. Many thanks
  4. Hi, please ould youprovide I.D.s and explanations for the differences for the attached three birds. First Santa Barbera, others Yosemite. Many thanks
  5. Hi Really not sure on this, seen Wilsons, Yellow and Orange crowned but not sure how this fits with any of those or if not what it is please. Many thanks
  6. Yellow tertial fringing and size made me think ruby but face pattern and bill thickness now not so sure. in coastal thicket Goleta. Thanks
  7. Hi Please could you provide identification on the attached. Two are of the same bird with a very grey supercilium and facial pattern suggesting to a brit abroad Lincoln's. One has a very large bill, is it the large billed Savannah race? The third, Simply not sure. Many thanks........Again;)
  8. Many thanks for your assistance, really nice to have a local with real experience step in.
  9. ok, I've just spent an age checking hummers on line n found some real short tailed Anna's so now could be that. Sorry, Brit with no hummer before my work trip. Too busy in the office not enough time in the field.....must try harder;~)
  10. Hi I've posted these before in mixed mails but these are the only unidentified US birds I'm left with at the moment. The Oriole is distant but doesn't look structured like Bullocks does it? Are there Hooded with all dark heads and pale yellow underparts? Sorry the Pic a bit distant but best I could get of it. Don't know what variation you get in Scotts. I've seen Bullock's and Hooded is very common, it didn't strike me as either but got it just after arriving so really not clued up at that point. The Hummer is really short-tailed, based on what I've seen it's not structured like the commoner species I've seen in numbers. Based on Sibley and the range it's Costa's or Calliope. please assist. I need both but not sure. Many thanks
  11. Hi Please give a definite ID on the attached, I thought I knew until I found another query here that kinda clouded the issue. I'm a Brit so this is just unfamiliar. Thanks
  12. Hi Please could you help. This doesn't seem to have the drooping bill I've seen on Hooded, The head is was all dark, the belly pale yellow. I've hunted the web for something similar but sailed to find this. In the area it seems Hooded, Bullocks or Scott's are the possibilities. I'm not from the U.S, so this is new to me and left me unable to get a firm understanding. Many thanks
  13. Hi Please could you provide an ID on these. poor shot, best before they flew giving nothing. Just hoping that the few field features make them obvious to those of you familiar. Sorry! Many thanks.
  14. Hi Could you please give me a firm ID on these two. British birder so these are a totally new game. Many thanks.
  15. I'm a brit, just here on work but trying to find what I can. thanks.
  16. Hi Could you please give me an ID on this. Not a US birder and this has me stumped. Many thanks,
  17. Please could you identify this Empid. New to the U.S. so these just not familiar at all. Just doesn't seem like the Pacific slopes I've seen. Could you explain what the basis for ID is please. Many thanks.
  18. Hi Please, could you identify the attached photo. I'm assuming based on bill shape some tyrant flycatcher but really not sure. This is all I could get on it before it flew. Could you please explain what I should see as field criteria to enable me to improve my understanding. I'm new to the U.S, so need local knowledge. Many thanks
  19. Hi Could I please have assistance. there are three Orioles seen in Santa Barbara between may to july that I can't readily identify. I'm totally new to birding the U.S. and these have left me confused. I'm sure that you guys will see them as simple but I'm at a loss;~). Please explain how I should identify them, tried hunting the web after Sibly but still not convinced. Many thanks
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