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  1. BTW I'll be down there in a couple of weeks. Probably won't have any time for birding though
  2. I'll come up with a target list as soon as I can.
  3. Awesome!! You pretty much covered everything! I really hope I can go birding with you and maybe @Birding Boy!!
  4. Cool!! Looks like I'll wanna hit the NWR (already forgot the name 😅) and Bay City sp. It would be AWESOME to go birding with you guys!!! Do you think you could meet me at one of those locations? We'll see how schedules go and if not, that's fine but I REALLY want to. I'm afraid I couldn't go the extra mile to chase those birds unfortunately. It would've been fun though!
  5. Yup, I'll definitely see if I can make that a priority. Thank you!!
  6. Aha, I was wondering about that. Maybe I could get dad to take me there. Maybe.
  7. Let me add: We'll be more in Bay City, not really Saginaw, but still close by. I'll probably have chances to bird Saginaw Bay some (Lake Huron). You see, We aren't heading up there for birding. I might be able to squeeze a few stops in, but it's mostly visiting family. So that means going anywhere significantly out of the way is probably not an option. Thanks for the advice! How do you imagine birding in Michigan would be different from birding in south Kansas? Any tips to know just in general, not related to birding? Is the habitat mainly forest? I'm gonna have fun looking at the Merlin barcharts.
  8. @Birding Boy (sorry for the persistent tagging 😅) What should I expect to be able to find in the Saginaw area around early July? Any tips or ideas?
  9. Heyyyy @Birding Boy guess where I'm headed this July..... 😁😁😁
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