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  1. I got a painted bunting in Texas (Febuary). Same story.
  2. My family (me included) got to go to Virginia a couple months ago to visit our grandparents. They had seen an otter a few months before in the river that ran by their cabin. I got up and went down to the river every morning (I was nuts about seeing those otters) and finally, my patience paid off. One morning, TWO otters swam into sight!!! Unfortunately, the lighting was VERY bad, so this was the best shot I got.
  3. For my list, any bird alive and in the wild counts.
  4. I`m no expert, but i`d say it looks like a Chihuahuan Raven.
  5. Harris`s Sparrow. I take them for granted because so many swarm my yard every winter, but some people aren`t as lucky.
  6. Snowy Plover (from a few months ago). Temperature outside right now is 60 degrees.
  7. I`m going on a trip to Virginia soon. This is one of the birds i`m hoping to see. Congrats!
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