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  1. Whenever I’m out casually looking for birds, I don’t usually make an eBird checklist unless I find something especially good.
  2. Wasn’t eBirding at the time so no problems there. I will count it!
  3. Points if you can find them all! (4 birds) Bonus points if you can identify them all as well!!
  4. Seanbirds


    @Connor Cochrane @MichaelLong
  5. I know this isn't really an ID question but I'm wondering how/if I should count a Mute Swan I found last week in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It wasn't an escaped pet It/they (only saw one, but there's often a whole bunch there) have been there for years Not held captive in any way whatsoever Only one eBird record from the immediate area Very tame and friendly Would this be considered "feral"? Also I can't count it on my life list right?
  6. I like Trike for all except the left one in the second photo.
  7. A distinct white rump is a feature few medium-sized birds in your area have. Would reddish underwings and/or early morning light account for the "rust chest"? Flickers can have more decurved bills than most woodpeckers.
  8. @IKLland do you keep all your photos on your iPad?? I don’t think mine has enough space…
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