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  1. SORA is the ultimate banding code though. It just doesn't get any better than that.
  2. IDK why, but AMRO's really fun to say out loud. Can't say the same for BCNH
  3. Hi guys! Been forever and a year. I'm on spring break right now, so tag me if y'all wanna see me. I'll be even more available this summer.
  4. This little guy has me stumped. This feels like it should be an easy ID, but for some reason my brain just isn't working. A little help here? 😅 Fresno CA, Dec. 11.
  5. What happened to it? If you don't mind me asking, that is.
  6. You're correct, Four-lined ("Short-lined") Skink.
  7. Bro, nice shots! BTW, your signature line is cracking me up. Duuuuuude. 😂
  8. Yeah, this view doesn't really make any difference. The reason I say the difference between Broad-headed and Five-lined is obvious is because of how easy-to-see and well defined the labial scales (upper lip) are in this photo. Broad-headeds have five, while this one clearly has four. So it's a five-lined.
  9. So from what I can tell, it's pretty obviously a Five-lined, not a Broad-headed. I'm really struggling to determine whether it's a Common Five-lined or a Southeastern Five-lined though. Any chance you got even the tiniest view of its underside?
  10. OMG, I'm sorry, I completely forgot! Apologies, let me take a look right now.
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