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  1. Actually, I’ve been busy lately so I will defer to @IKLland.
  2. Santa Anna NWR is one of my favorite places!
  3. Hopefully we can go down to Texas soon. Dad’s not dead set against it, but I think it’s gonna be tough convincing him. 😕
  4. You go after the Bat Falcon or is it gone?
  5. Lots of Snowy Owls here in KS this winter, but unfortunately none in my immediate area.
  6. I wanna say Cassin’s with that dark head.
  7. That’s totally a Willet. No guesses unfortunately.
  8. Yes. Man, you’ve really been getting into some good raptors!!
  9. ‘Em? Who’s “em”? Now you have me curious lol 😂
  10. I survived 2021! Does that count?
  11. Birds: Eastern Screech-Owl. I WILL FIND YOU ADORABLE LITTLE EAR TUFT FLUFFBALLS IF IT TAKES ME THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! Rusty Blackbird. Difficult, but doable. More warblers. I really don’t care the species. Black Tern!! Nelson’s Sparrow. Short-eared Owl. I want a Prairie-Chicken (probably Greater). Smith’s Longspur.
  12. Uhh no. Just no. Snow Buntings are not frequent anything. 🤣
  13. I thought California boi had seen everything by now. 😉
  14. Wait, Whaaa??? You haven’t seen a Goldeneye before?!?!
  15. Why keep counting? @PalmWarbler and I are drowning you in reactions. There is nothing you can do. 😈
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