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  1. Hi, These guys were way off-shore along the Ottawa River this morning. I don't see any white chin spot so I was thinking Red-breasted, but much closer to shore, I was seeing Commons so I wanted to be sure that these guys were different. What do you think? Darryl
  2. Hi, I saw a pile of warblers today in Ottawa, Canada. There are a few I would like to run by you experts. First two - I think these are Nashville Warblers, but the yellow colour really looks wrong. There were other Nashvilles around this morning as well and they were much brighter and more clearly Nashvilles. Next guy (two pics) - Orange-crowned Warbler? Final 3 - Tennessee Warblers? Thanks! Darryl
  3. I figured it was some kind of thrush. I had eliminated Hermit because I thought the tail should be redder/orangeyer for a Hermit thrush. Is this tail colour ok for Hermit Thrush? Thanks! Darryl
  4. Hi, This guy was in with a large flock of warblers this morning in Ottawa, Canada. I can't figure out what he is. Unfortunately, this was the only picture I could get of him. Thanks, Darryl
  5. Hi, I saw this guy in the field today and identified him as a Cooper's base on size (it looked big, to me) and the dark cap. However, when I look at the picture, the "cap" looks less cap-like and, maybe, more hood-like. Also, the head looks round to me. This would suggest Sharp-shinned. What do you think? Thanks! Darryl
  6. Hi, I saw this guy this morning here in Ottawa, Canada. In the field, I was thinking Yellow, but I'm pretty sure it's not. Any ideas? Thanks, Darryl
  7. Hi, I saw this guy earlier today in Ottawa, Canada. I wanna say Red-shouldered. Am I right? Thanks! Darryl
  8. Thanks - the lack of yellow through me, but the rest looked good for Savannah. Cheers, Darryl
  9. Hi, Is this guy, seen in Ottawa, Canada today, a Savannah Sparrow or.... Thanks, Darryl
  10. Swampy woods. Actually, White-throated had been my guess in the field. There are white-throated in the area.
  11. Hi, What kind of sparrow is this guy, seen in Ottawa, Canada a few days ago? Thanks, Darryl
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