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  1. Hi, I saw this guy earlier today in Ottawa, Canada. I wanna say Red-shouldered. Am I right? Thanks! Darryl
  2. Thanks - the lack of yellow through me, but the rest looked good for Savannah. Cheers, Darryl
  3. Hi, Is this guy, seen in Ottawa, Canada today, a Savannah Sparrow or.... Thanks, Darryl
  4. Swampy woods. Actually, White-throated had been my guess in the field. There are white-throated in the area.
  5. Hi, What kind of sparrow is this guy, seen in Ottawa, Canada a few days ago? Thanks, Darryl
  6. Hi, I saw this guy in Ottawa, Canada today. Is he just a Song Sparrow (young one, perhaps) or something else? Thanks, Darryl
  7. Hi, Is this guy, seen today in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, a Pine Warbler? DSC_4163.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr Thanks, Darryl
  8. Yes, I heard them before seeing them. They sounded like a giant version of Canada Goose honking.
  9. Hi, Are these guys, seen today in Ottawa, Canada, Trumpeter or Tundra Swans? They were part of a small flock of 6 swans flying by. DSC_0820.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr Thanks! Darryl
  10. Thanks, folks. It's interesting. The second one looked different to me as well, but I didn't realize there were two hawks in the sky. I thought there was only one. I kept getting blinded by the sun, would search out the hawk, photograph it, and then get blinded again. Repeat. I guess there were two guys up there! Cheers, Darryl
  11. Actually, ignore this question. Looking more closely, I believe this is a Swamp Sparrow.
  12. Hi, Is this guy, seen today in Ottawa, Canada, an American Tree Sparrow? Thanks, Darryl
  13. Hi, I saw this guy this morning in Ottawa, Canada. Unfortunately, he was circling around almost directly between me and the sun, so I couldn't get decent pictures (and nearly blinded myself trying) but here are three shots of him. Is he a Cooper's Hawk? Thanks, Darryl
  14. Hi, Saw this guy a couple weeks ago in Cancun. I think it's an immature Orange Oriole, but the speckling on the back kind of puts me off. Is he an Orange Oriole...or maybe an immature Hooded Oriole? DSCN9053.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr Thanks, Darryl
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