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  1. Hi,

       What are these guys?  They were flying in formation with synchronized wing beats today in Ottawa, Canada.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get any shots except from directly underneath, but they were swooping around quite quickly and, if I had to guess, I would have said ravens.  However, as you can see, they have white marks on their faces (this was obvious in real life as well as in the pictures).  I have never seen ravens with white markings before.  Could it be a trick of the light?  It didn't seem to disappear as the angle of changed.  What are these guys?



    Unknown 1.jpg

    Unknown 2.jpg

  2. Hi,

       Saw this guy soaring over Ottawa, Canada yesterday.  He was very far away, so this is a pretty tight crop of the photo I took, but is there enough to identify the type of eagle?  I assumed Bald Eagle when I saw it in the field, but I'm wondering if I might be lucky enough to have found a Golden Eagle.  The colour of the the feathers on the nape of the neck got me wondering...



  3. Hi,

       I saw this guy in Ottawa, Ontario today.  From a distance, seeing him in a bush, I thought Yellow-rumped, clicked a couple pics and moved on.  Looking at the pics, I don't think so.  Yellow-rumped wouldn't have yellow breasts, would they?  So...what is this guy?



    Warbler 2.jpg

    Warbler 1.jpg

  4. Hi,

       I saw a pile of warblers today in Ottawa, Canada.  There are a few I would like to run by you experts.

       First two - I think these are Nashville Warblers, but the yellow colour really looks wrong.  There were other Nashvilles around this morning as well and they were much brighter and more clearly Nashvilles. 

       Next guy (two pics) - Orange-crowned Warbler?   

       Final 3 - Tennessee Warblers?



    Nashville Warbler 2.jpg

    Nashville Warbler 3.jpg

    Orange-crowned Warbler.jpg

    Orange-crowned Warbler 2.jpg

    Tennessee Warbler 1.jpg

    Tennessee Warbler 2.jpg

    Tennessee Warbler 3.jpg

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