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  1. Hi, I saw these two guys in my back yard earlier today. I'm not sure what they are. Are they young Song Sparrows? We have a nesting pair of Song Sparrows nearby but, somehow, these two guys look wrong for Song Sparrows to me. What are these guys? By the way, the first two pictures are one individual, the third picture is the second guy. I posted two pictures of the first guy so you could see that the top of the head pattern doesn't look like a Song Sparrow (at least, to me). Thanks! Darryl DSCN7982.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr DSCN7970.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr DSCN7966.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr
  2. OK - thanks. That makes sense. I had marked it as a Field Sparrow in the field but lost confidence in my id when I got home. Cheers, Darryl
  3. Gah!!!! Wrong picture. That's a Grasshopper Sparrow. Here's the one I intended to post: DSCN7321.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr Darryl
  4. Hi, What is this guy? Seen today in Ottawa, Canada. DSCN7338.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr Thanks, Darryl
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