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  1. We observed this one on Dec. 17, 2020 and was identified and further confirmed as an Abieticola. I think I see why you mention the malar and belly band. Much thanks
  2. Renfrew Cty. Madawaska R. Dec. 8, 2020 We didn't get to see if the smaller goose had a neck ring. A mallard is leading in 6383
  3. My wife took some pics on her camera of the same group of 40-50 Redpolls that I did. Merlin says the left one is a Hoary and the right one is a common. It appears these species are quite intermingled.
  4. Braeside On. Nov. 20, 2020 I don't think they are large enough for Greater's.
  5. The 2 birds on the top pic were 40' to 50' high in the tree I was 70' to 80' away, pic was taken at 300mm. At first I thought they were Pine Grosbeaks The other 2 birds were 15' up and I was 20' away, pic was taken at 300mm. I have shown 2 pics (bottom pics) taken Nov 3rd of Hoary Redpolls and their whiteness is quite apparent. I have heard that there is a subspecies from Greenland that is of a larger size and were recorded in our county.
  6. Claybank Park Renfrew Cty. On. We estimated 40-50 Common Redpolls Ctr pic. but noticed a big difference on the size of 3 redpolls? seen earlier
  7. Braeside On. Early sighting were the usual Robins, Mallards, Canada's and Ringbills then. Grosbeak size.
  8. I would have to have used one of those railway cars that carries spacecraft to the launchpad. Unintentionally making erroneous statements is my forte. lol
  9. Renfrew Cty. Nov. 3 2020 The 2 pics on the left were taken 1km. from the other 2.
  10. Braeside On. Oct. 27 2020 Overcast day and a longshot.
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