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  1. Merlin said Broad-Wing and Goshawk? We thought Red Tail. Merlin said N. Harrier for pics 4&5 but we saw no white band as it flew away, so thanks for the Red-Shoulder comments.
  2. Braeside On Aug.6 2022 Twenty minutes later we spotted this one by a pond. (last 2 pics) maybe it's a N. Harrier.
  3. I noticed that the bill was longer also and the call was fairly loud and long. For what it's worth Merlin id the call as a Greater and the pic as a Lesser? I think I'll go Greater on this one.
  4. Braeside On. Aug. 3 2022 Braeside On. 🙂
  5. Braeside On. Aug. 1 2022 When it doesn't appear to have all the characteristics of any other sparrows, I call Song. I just don't want to get my knuckles rapped anymore. 🙂
  6. Braeside On. Aug. 1 2022 All 3 were flying together, no other gulls present. We almost always see Ringbills.
  7. Braeside On July 26, 2022 A Nelson's Sparrow or? Thank you
  8. Presqu'ile Park On. May 14 & 21 2022
  9. Thanks, we just started using it more often. We won't report a bird to Ebird unless we actually hear it clearly and know the bird is locally observed, only problem is, we get to spend more time looking for that elusive one.🙂
  10. Thanks for the comments, Whatbird is a great back-up. What are the views on Merlin's bird song id?
  11. Braeside On. Taken Apr. 21 2022 looks a little red on underside of wing.
  12. It seems to have an overbite. Braeside On.
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