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  1. Thanks all, we already observed a Carolina Wren earlier today and I kind of thought the Song sparrow might be pushing it for rarities.
  2. Braeside On. Dec.8 2022 Crappy pic taken in bad light.
  3. I thought so too, we saw the last one on Oct 3 2022
  4. Braeside On. Nov. 26 2022 Orange beak, but there isn't much of an eye ring. Photo unfortunately was a sun shot, so what you see here is what you get. We were looking for a Fox Sparrow whose call was id'ed by Merlin when we saw this one. 3 Tree Sparrows were observed in the area.
  5. I agree with your post, it was rather sloppy of me to misname that bird. Mea Culpa, especially for the Larus glaucoides.
  6. Gulls often carry things in their feet. I once watched, while driving, a gull dove down into a ditch and carried off a mouse in its feet, I could see the beady, fearful eyes of the mouse as the gull swept up out of the ditch almost hitting my windshield. Ah! one of those classic bird-watching events.
  7. Oct 14 2022 Braeside On. These 2 Red-tails were putting in a playful display. Both have the dark heads, extensive belly bands and streaks extending from neck down to belly. Some tan coloration is seen on the flanks leading me to think they may be Abieticolas.
  8. Braeside On Aug 16 2022 No bird song or call on this one.?
  9. Thanks I didn't think I took any pics of falcons. White markings and throat shade threw me off. And of course Merlin said it was a Peregrine. Ravens were observed around the time of that shot.
  10. Merlin said Broad-Wing and Goshawk? We thought Red Tail. Merlin said N. Harrier for pics 4&5 but we saw no white band as it flew away, so thanks for the Red-Shoulder comments.
  11. Braeside On Aug.6 2022 Twenty minutes later we spotted this one by a pond. (last 2 pics) maybe it's a N. Harrier.
  12. I noticed that the bill was longer also and the call was fairly loud and long. For what it's worth Merlin id the call as a Greater and the pic as a Lesser? I think I'll go Greater on this one.
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