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  1. Taken this past week, a few birds I haven’t been able to confidently ID.. taken in Rocky Mountain House Alberta., 2 and 3 are same bird.. not sure which woodpecker /sapsucker it is..
  2. Central Alberta near a lake shore .. Im wondering if it’s an Alder?
  3. Central Alberta - late June ? Savannah??
  4. I thought at first it was a house sparrow too but when you look at the original picture, it’s taken between two palm trees - it looks like a bigger bird.. she said she was far away and only used her phone.. my next guess was a chukar - Audubon suggested it was a Hawaiian hawk “io just looking for more opinions..
  5. Asking for someone else.. does anyone know what this beauty is? The picture is heavily cropped.. taken in Maui last month.. https://www.flickr.com/photos/wrensfriend/49166596766/
  6. Thank you so much!!! I think you are correct now that I can compare.. I knew someone here would know! I’m surprised that tiny bird could belt out a song that was this loud! Impressive!! Thanks again!!!!
  7. Is anyone able to tell me what this bird is. I was never able to catch sight of it as the area was heavily treed and It was too high up to see - but it’s song was loud and persistent - all I got was this video that captured the beautiful song.. 3 hrs north of Edmonton Alberta - heavily treed area near a lake - July 14th 38149A78-4981-4802-8837-E25E6E78F1DA.MOV
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