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  1. visited La Canada, California last week and need help with some bird IP 1,2,3- same hummingbird 5,13- same hummingbird 7,8,9-same hummingbird taken at different time than others
  2. Taken today in Littleton, CO Lighting was not good
  3. Thanks, would still like to know ID of hummingbird
  4. Taken today in Colorado Springs, CO 1, male rufous ? 2. female broad tailed ? 3. male broad tailed ? 4. female broad tailed ? 5. 5-7 ?
  5. Taken yesterday at Grand Lake, CO Pictures are a little blurry
  6. Taken yesterday at Rocky Mountain National Parlk
  7. Taken today in Southern Colorado. I think the second bird is a western meadowlark
  8. I noticed the orangish discoloration on top of head. I take it this is a male?
  9. Is this an American three toed woodpecker? Taken today near Denver , Colorado
  10. Went camping near Denver yesterday. Took lots of pictures 1. unsure 2. Great blue heron 3-5 unsure 6 green heron ?? 7 western kingbird?
  11. Saw this bird in a bird nest today in Colorado Springs
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