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  1. Taken today in Southern Colorado. I think the second bird is a western meadowlark
  2. I noticed the orangish discoloration on top of head. I take it this is a male?
  3. Is this an American three toed woodpecker? Taken today near Denver , Colorado
  4. Went camping near Denver yesterday. Took lots of pictures 1. unsure 2. Great blue heron 3-5 unsure 6 green heron ?? 7 western kingbird?
  5. Saw this bird in a bird nest today in Colorado Springs
  6. Taken today in Colorado Springs For several months we have had a female red shafted Flicker and an integrated male red shafted Northern Flicker. Today we had 2 new comers and wanted opinion. Juvenile? Any thoughts. First 2 pictures are the 2 that have been here for several months. The second 2 are from today
  7. Taken today in Colorado Springs Is this a broad tailed hummingbird?
  8. Taken today in Colordo Springs. We have been seeing a lot of Eurasian Doves but this is the first time we have seen a dove this color. 2nd bird was hard to get a clear picture of
  9. Are we sure the 2 birds are the same? Here is a picture of the front of the first 2 birds and then 3 pictures of the second
  10. All taken in Colorado Springs, CO. First 2 taken 3 days ago. Second 2 taken today
  11. Taken today in Colorado Springs. I believe the male is an integrated red shafted Flicker due to the red on the nape and the female is a red shafted Flicker?
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