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  1. Taken today in Colorado Springs For several months we have had a female red shafted Flicker and an integrated male red shafted Northern Flicker. Today we had 2 new comers and wanted opinion. Juvenile? Any thoughts. First 2 pictures are the 2 that have been here for several months. The second 2 are from today
  2. Taken today in Colorado Springs Is this a broad tailed hummingbird?
  3. Taken today in Colordo Springs. We have been seeing a lot of Eurasian Doves but this is the first time we have seen a dove this color. 2nd bird was hard to get a clear picture of
  4. Are we sure the 2 birds are the same? Here is a picture of the front of the first 2 birds and then 3 pictures of the second
  5. All taken in Colorado Springs, CO. First 2 taken 3 days ago. Second 2 taken today
  6. Taken today in Colorado Springs. I believe the male is an integrated red shafted Flicker due to the red on the nape and the female is a red shafted Flicker?
  7. I guess I am confused. I see house finches everyday. This is the first one with yellow on the head and a yellow tint on the belly
  8. Taken over the last 5 days in Bradenton, FL 1.? 2. great blue heron 3,4,5. common moorhen? 6. 7. 8. little heron? 9. little heron, tri colored heron?
  9. Trying to get better at hummingbird ID. Is this a broad tailed hummingbird? Taken today in Colorado Springs, CO
  10. taken today in Colorado Springs 1. ? 2. ? 3. ? 4. 2 pictures ? 5. ?
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