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  1. Thanks, I thought it was a gray Jay, but wanted clarification. I have seen several Clark's Nutcrackers and noticed their bill was longer. Flycatchers I am having trouble with. I believe this is a Cordilleran Flycatcher
  2. Went hiking somewhere different and would like help with bird ID 1. Cordilleran Flycatcher? 2. ? 3.Townsend warbler? 4. ? 5. Yellow rumped warbler? 6. ?
  3. Taken Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday 1. A type of sparrow? 2.?
  4. Taken today in Southern Colorado 1. Western Wood Pewee? 2. ? 3. ? 4. White breasted nuthatch
  5. Taken today in Southern Colorado Is this a black-headed Grosbeak?
  6. so a female Bullocks Oriole? I see several male hooded orioles daily, you would think I would see a female close by. But have never seen a Bullocks so that is cool!
  7. Taken today in the Central Valley of California, I have been trying to get a picture of a female. I think maybe I finally have
  8. Taken today in the Central Valley of California. I know the third picture is a hooded Oriole. Is the fourth a Juvenile? The first 2 are the same bird but not sure what it is. Thanks!
  9. Taken today in the Central Valley of California. For someone who grew up in the midwest where the only hummingbird was the red throated it has been great seeing other types but I need help IDing. The second and third picture are the same hummingbird, as is the first, fourth, and fifth
  10. I am familiar with house finches. These just looked much bigger from where i was standing, but you are probably right. Maybe they are taller in California!
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