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  1. Taken today in the Central Valley of California. For someone who grew up in the midwest where the only hummingbird was the red throated it has been great seeing other types but I need help IDing. The second and third picture are the same hummingbird, as is the first, fourth, and fifth
  2. I am familiar with house finches. These just looked much bigger from where i was standing, but you are probably right. Maybe they are taller in California!
  3. This nest was taken in Southern California in a pine tree today. Trying toid what bird has this type of nest
  4. It was mentioned to me the first bird might be a Brewer's sparrow. Happy to get a clarification. So many sparrows!
  5. Thanks, that was what I thought but I have been embarrassed before when I suggested the name of a bird
  6. Taken today in Southern Colorado 1st and 2nd bird-same bird Thanks for the help! New to Colorado!
  7. I havw seen lots of white breasted nuthatches. Just moved to Colorado and this is the first red breasted I have seen. Very exciting for me
  8. Hoping number 2 is a red bellied nuthatch 3 and 4 are same bird. Only picture I could get Taken today in Southern Colorado
  9. Taken today in southern Colorado? Just moved here and trying to ID different birds then used to seeing
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