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  1. Definitely a Cooper’s hawk. I see them all the time. Even had one land in my yard and causally start eating a carcass there. It was extremely fascinating to watch. Once the fellow was done, it stayed there and cleaned it’s feathers for a while before flying off. It was odd to see it eating on the ground, but it was certainly amazing to see it eat up close. Definitely wasn’t expecting this to happen in the suburbs.
  2. I would go with the towhee since the bird was certainly too big to be a robin and looking at pictures of female or juvenile birds of that species, they come the closest to looking like the bird I dropped off markings wise. Besides, it died before the rehab center could do much for it much less identify it. Window collisions apparently have high mortality rates. But the beak was shaped differently than a towhee’s. It was a little slimmer. The bird looked like a mix of a towhee and a juvenile robin without any speckles, except for a few black dappled feathers on the bird’s belly.
  3. The bird was a soft, dull light brown with a red belly with black tipped red feathers on it’s belly. It was utterly enormous for a songbird and was easily double the size of the common cardinal I’m used to. It had black and brown tail feathers and lightly specked feathers around it’s eyes. It also had a beak shape suited to a more generalist lifestyle. I’m not a bird watcher by any means, but I would like help in identifying this guy. It crashed into my window and my dog nearly killed the thing. I dropped the poor guy off at a wildlife rehabilitation center, but it left me worried for the bird and curious about the species since I’ve never seen a bird like this before. I’ve seen orioles, finches, hawks, falcons and hummingbirds, but never anything like this one. I have no pictures since I didn’t want to disturb it since it fell into a state I think might be a coma. The bird was seen in a part of Maryland known as Olny if that helps.
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