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  1. Early morning Northern Bobwhite
  2. JimB

    What Owl?

    Sounds just like the immature Great Horned Owl call on my BirdTunes app.
  3. Red-headed Woodpecker from this morning.
  4. JimB


    Hey John, Awesome flight shot of the Osprey...but the thread is Fight, not Flight, unless it was fighting a headwind!
  5. Scarlet Tanager from a couple of weeks ago.
  6. JimB

    Alphabet Birds

  7. Cerulean Warbler
  8. JimB

    Where have we been?

    A fresh start is better than no start! Thanks for all the time and effort to bring this site back, it was missed. At a time when many photographers and birders have migrated to social media sites for image sharing and info, I still feel there's a place for forums like this and I appreciate it. Thanks again!
  9. JimB

    Starting all over

    Nice start Bearcat6.