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  1. Thanks IKLland! The Cerulean and the Hooded were shot using a EOS 5D MkIII the Prairie I used a 1DX MkII all with a 500f4 + 1.4xIII
  2. Prairie Warbler Hooded Warbler Cerulean Warbler
  3. Is this an adult female, imm. male ?
  4. I like the little one peeking over the top! Fantastic image!
  5. I recently posted the same question with photos and received the same responses. I did a quick Google search and saw that there are orange variants of this species with photos showing a definite orange color (like the fruit) to some more reddish-orange like yours and the one I posted. The one that I observed and photographed was mostly in the shade and still had a distinct orange color which I've never seen before on a Scarlet Tanager.
  6. Thanks Charlie, you're probably right but most scarlets I've photographed looked like this, maybe it's just a little lighter but it was orange enough to get me to do some research on it.
  7. This Scarlet Tanager doesn't have the deep , scarlet coloration of a typical scarlet tanager but appears to be more orange. I read that there is an orange variant of this species but most images show a very distinct orange coloration, this bird seems to fall somewhere in between. Would you ID this one as an orange variant?
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