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  1. Here's my favorite Belted Kingfisher shot that I took this past July.
  2. No worries, I also forgot about Black Duck, I had Wigeon on my mind because of some recent sightings in the same area and a quick Google search showed some similar photos to mine.
  3. I photographed it a few days ago in northeast Ohio. After doing some more research I can see that Mallard x Black Duck looks good also. Thank you.
  4. Please confirm if this is a Mallard x American Wigeon hybrid and if so how common or rare is it. Thank you!
  5. Third-party chargers are generally ok but I would stick with the manufacturers battery, especially if the camera is still under warranty since a third-party battery can void that warranty, besides, the battery is the heartbeat of the camera, you don't want to cut corners there. As for the lens hood you can usually find a suitable alternative at a lower cost than the original manufacturer. Unfortunately for me I'd have to pay $650 to replace the lens hood on my primary birding lens and the only third-party lens hood I've seen is a soft, collapsible one!
  6. Gray morph Eastern Screech-Owl in a sycamore tree cavity.
  7. A couple of Great Horned Owl nests.
  8. Hope you don't mind another, Grebes are one of my favorite subjects and I have a lot of images of them! This is one of my favorites because of the early morning light.
  9. I'm JimB not Jimbob. Yeah, I've been here since before the "crash" but haven't been that active here lately. Now that I'm retired I've been getting out more and will probably be stopping by more often.
  10. http://jimbuescher.zenfolio.com/img/s/v-10/p4010905623-5.jpg
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