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  1. At a local park one morning I noticed a mallard frantically flapping its wings alongside a boardwalk that goes out into a marshy area. I ran over to see what it was stuck on but soon realized a large snapping turtle had the duck by one of its feet. I know I shouldn't interfere with natural predation, every animal has to eat but the duck kept looking at me as if begging me to help him so I got a sturdy stick and started hitting the turtle's shell with the butt end of the stick until it finally let go of the duck which then scampered off relatively unharmed. To even things out, I once rescued a snapping turtle that was literally balanced on a railroad track, all four legs were off the ground and it couldn't go anywhere and I heard the train coming in the distance!
  2. Well, now I know I'm not the only one that fits the profile! I took some pain medication for my sciatica (probably a result from carrying heavy camera gear for forty years) before heading out on a one and a half hour trip to photograph shorebirds. Getting down low in the sand is still relatively easy but getting back up is a pain in the...well..everything!
  3. From a couple days ago. The goldenrod fields are crawling with them!
  4. Thanks, it was yesterday in NE Ohio along Lake Erie.
  5. I was fortunate this morning to find a couple of these secretive Henslow's Sparrows in a 327 acre field!
  6. Lol! This area is in a city owned wetland with mowed nature trails that run along the edge of the marsh. Rails would sometimes run along the path or cross over it. Here's a shot of a Virginia Rail that I also took. I was always concerned that the mowing would scare away the rails but for the past few years they've always returned. Thankfully, not many people visit the area.
  7. Sora from this morning shortly after photographing a Virginia Rail in the same area.
  8. Thanks, but it doesn't answer my question­čśâ
  9. Is this a first spring female or an adult female Hooded Warbler?
  10. One of the best shots I've seen of this species!
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