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  1. A couple of Great Horned Owl nests.
  2. Hope you don't mind another, Grebes are one of my favorite subjects and I have a lot of images of them! This is one of my favorites because of the early morning light.
  3. I'm JimB not Jimbob. Yeah, I've been here since before the "crash" but haven't been that active here lately. Now that I'm retired I've been getting out more and will probably be stopping by more often.
  4. http://jimbuescher.zenfolio.com/img/s/v-10/p4010905623-5.jpg
  5. I let them come to me ? Thanks for all the replies!
  6. Age question on these two. I'm thinking the top one is a non-breeding adult and the bottom one a juvenile, or are they both juveniles?
  7. Thanks IKLland! The Cerulean and the Hooded were shot using a EOS 5D MkIII the Prairie I used a 1DX MkII all with a 500f4 + 1.4xIII
  8. Prairie Warbler Hooded Warbler Cerulean Warbler
  9. I like the little one peeking over the top! Fantastic image!
  10. I recently posted the same question with photos and received the same responses. I did a quick Google search and saw that there are orange variants of this species with photos showing a definite orange color (like the fruit) to some more reddish-orange like yours and the one I posted. The one that I observed and photographed was mostly in the shade and still had a distinct orange color which I've never seen before on a Scarlet Tanager.
  11. Thanks Charlie, you're probably right but most scarlets I've photographed looked like this, maybe it's just a little lighter but it was orange enough to get me to do some research on it.
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