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  1. I think it looks too light, tail too short and bill too small for ant-tanager. But thank you, anyway. No, I don't have a description.
  2. Hello, This bird was seen in Tikal in November. Appreciate any help. Thank you, Marta
  3. Thanks. Agree. It looks like the female.
  4. This bird was seen in Tikal in November. I am sorry, but this is the only photo I have.
  5. Hello, Can someone help me with this bird. It was seen in November, near Antigua. Thank you.
  6. Thanks everyone. It was near Lake Atitlan. I don't live in Guatemala, I was just visiting. Lovely place. Hoping to go back some day.
  7. Hello, This bird was seen in November in Guatemala. Can anyone help me with I.D. Thank you.
  8. Hello, This bird was seen near Lake Atitlan in November. Please help me with identification. Thank you.
  9. I saw this bird on the side of the road today. There were a few Vesper sparrows and meadowlarks in the same area. I wasn't able to identify it. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  10. This bird was seen in Ribeirao Preto, SP in December. This is the only picture I have. Can someone help? Thank you.
  11. Yes, thank you. There was an adult in the area as well.
  12. Hello, This bird was seen in Pirenopolis, state of Goias in July. Can anyone identify it? Thank you
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