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  1. This bird was seen in Ribeirao Preto, SP in December. This is the only picture I have. Can someone help? Thank you.
  2. Yes, thank you. There was an adult in the area as well.
  3. Hello, This bird was seen in Pirenopolis, state of Goias in July. Can anyone identify it? Thank you
  4. I was hoping someone familiar with Brazilian birds could help. No, I don't have photos. Thank you
  5. The bird was seen on top of a big tree, on the side of the river Tocantins, in the state of Tocantins, Brazil in January. It looked like a bird of pray. It was about the size of a crow. The head was white with a black cap, with larger feathers in the nape. The chest was light colored with black spots. The tail was long and striped under. The bill was yellow, short and thick, and I didn't see the "bird of pray" hook (but it was far away). The wings were dark gray and the legs blue-gray. I only saw its front from below, I don't know what it looked like on the back. Any clues? Thank you,
  6. Bird seen at Manbukal Resort, Negros in January.
  7. Picture taken a couple days ago in my backyard (Ascension Parish, South Louisiana). My house is near a small lake. The bird is in a willow by the water.
  8. Seen in the mangrove, Tavernier Key, December.
  9. Hello, Can you please help me identify this bird? It is an old photo, from July/2015. We have northern mocking birds and brown thrashers in the area, but this guy looks different... Thank you.
  10. I think I got it. Juvenile saffron finch?
  11. Hello, Can anyone help with this bird? In state of Goias, Brazil in July. Thank you,
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