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  1. Thanks, the band confused me. Starting to get familiar with eastern birds.
  2. Was in Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray FL. Saw this lone bird - dark body and white chest with band towards the bottom of the tail; slightly bigger than a bushtit. Thoughts?
  3. Rusty cap helps ID the Palm too. Hope to see one this week in Florida.
  4. Was in botanical garden in Port St Lucie, FL and saw this pair of warblers. Left one I think is a pine warbler but was unsure of the one on the right - seems wrong-timing for immature. Help appreciated.
  5. Slow foraging - not darting around but also not doing the freezing thing.
  6. Sorry this is so blurry but the bird was down low in the cypress swamp and I only got a glimpse. Was in the JW Corbett Wildlife Management Area in West Palm Beach FL. Lots of Ibis and tricolor herons near. Is this a reddish egret? Would be a first for me. Thanks.
  7. Was driving through JW Corbett Wildlife Management Area in West Palm Beach Florida and saw a small flock of these birds dart across. The only sound I heard was a single chip note. Help appreciated.
  8. Still working on sparrows. This one was seen Sept 18 this year in Southern BC with a mixed flock that included song sparrows and gold finches. Didn't get to hear the song. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, not great with hawks but I think this is a Coopers based on flattish head and darker cap. Hard to see the tip of the tail but seems rounded which is more like Coopers than Sharp-shinned. Would wait for a more experienced birder to confirm.
  10. Thanks all and it is my only photo. This is a new one for me but I plan to go back to see if I can spot it again.
  11. Saw this little owl on my drive home - south eastern BC near US border - getting dusky. My guess is a juvenile Northern Saw-whet but could be a Boreal. Have never seen either outside of a rescue facility. Looked to be about 6 inches tall but hard to tell. Flew on stubby wings to next tree over. Unable to get a look at the face and it made no sound. The wing seems to be sticking out beyond the tail - not sure that helps.
  12. Saw several small flocks of ducks today in Southern BC, 11 am, Selkirk trails near Castlegar - some I think are common goldeneye and some Barrow's but I am new at this and don't see the clear cheek patch vs. moon for the male and not sure about the sloped vs. straighter head for the female; beak color varied in the amount of black vs. yellow/orange. Help appreciated.
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