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  1. Could be. We had a small group of pintails show up.
  2. Seen yesterday SE British Columbia, Waldie Island Trail, pond. Uncertain about the first one next to the Mallard and Am Wigeon. Never lifted its head, and quite distant, but I think it is a female Wood Duck. Interesting grouping Thanks in advance.
  3. Seen today SE British Columbia. Had just seen 4 western blue birds but I think this one is may be a mountain blue bird. Thanks in advance.
  4. Cleaning up some unknowns from SE British Columbia in spring a few years ago. I can't decide which Empidonax flycatcher so need some help. Tail seems long, pretty distinct wing bars, doesn't seem like a complete eye ring, greenish back, pale chin, maybe some yellow on belly. Did not hear the call so no help there. We have willow, occasional alder, least, dusky, and Pacific slope as the usuals. Thanks in advance and really like being educated in things to look for.
  5. Saw his duck last week SE British Columbia, Waldie Island on the river and later by the shore. I think she is a Harlequin but it is my first so want to be sure. Also, saw this owl today near my home (also SE BC). I think this one is a Barred Owl but again my first in the wild so want to be sure. No vocalizations but being pestered by some robins. Thanks in advance.
  6. Seen today in SE British Columbia Waldie Island pond - 4 small birds with dark mostly post-ocular line, straight black bills, white necks and belly and grayish wings. Of course, at the far end of the pond so poor photos. About half the size of the wood ducks and 1/3 size of the mallards. New to me so wanted confirmation that these are red-necked phalaropes. Thanks in advance.
  7. Was photographing some pipits today (SE British Columbia) and this one had a dark patch/indentation on the belly - is this a brood patch? Thanks in advance.
  8. Saw this lovely bird in SE British Columbia Champion Lake today. Assumed it was an immature common loon but it was quite large and with the checkerboard back and large bill was wondering if this might be a yellow-billed loon - likely too far South, but thought I'd ask. All same bird, just different lighting. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks Paul. Things were bad in the central Okanagan and south in the states so smokey for a while but mostly OK in my immediate area. Hard for the birds and things got really quiet during those times. Lots of people working on climate change so hoping for a better future. Check out carbon sequestration in BC (https://carbonengineering.com).
  10. Seen today, Southern BC, Waldie Island trail. The eyes seem dark so I am thinking California vs. Herring. But could be a mix Thanks in advance.
  11. Forsters have thicker bills and longer tails but most helpful if you see them fly - Common have black on wings. If they are in non-breeding plumage, as these should be, Forsters black head patch still covers the eye but the common black patch looks more like it is on the back of the head behind the eye. I still have trouble with this too. I'm told it gets easier with practice and time.
  12. Seen today SE British Columbia. Terrible light but I think the rounded head favors Sharp-shinned. Tail is a bit ratty so hard to see if rounded or square. Any other hints on separating the two appreciated. Thanks in advance
  13. Agree that it sounds like a Virginia Rail
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