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  1. Seen yesterday morning and this morning in estuary at Morro Bay. More advanced birder pointed it out yesterday; never would have recognized it as a skimmer without seeing the bill (and it was my first sighting). Seen better today near a Caspian tern, but also saw a second bird a little way away from it. Is this another skimmer? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, still working on learning gulls. If they aren't standing still clearly visible, I am unsure... Seen today at Morro Bay in Central CA. I think it is a Herring Gull? The tip was completely dark (not well seen in photos) and the eye light - both photos are the same bird. Thanks in advance.
  3. Wren was seen last week at Morro rock (SLO california) - is this a house wren? Sandpipers seen at Sweet Springs in Los Osos today. Tide out so far. I think they are mostly Dunlins and some Western sandpipers. Thoughts? Thanks in advance,
  4. white patches in flight and the bill is much thinner with no orange at the base of the bill and chin.
  5. Saw this bird yesterday along the boardwalk at Morro Bay SP in Central California. Looked in size and shape like a pied-bill but the color is red-necked. Thoughts?
  6. WOW. Never thought of a summer tananger but I agree. You folks are so good! Thanks, Mindy
  7. Seen today in Central California. Had seen a male Lesser GF nearby but this one looks too yellow without typical white wing patch. Finch bill though. Thanks in advance.
  8. Do you think it could be a ross X canada hybrid; just something about the face and slightly shorter bill? I saw this hybrid that I think is a Swan X Canada this past March in Central California.
  9. Having trouble deciding between greater and lesser scaups, especially at a distance. Could of course be mixed group. Help appreciated and thanks in advance.
  10. Seen today on Selkirk trail, Castlegar, BC. Do not recognize this one. Same bird, just cropped the first photo. Thanks in advance.
  11. Seen today in Southern British Columbia. I think these are female purple finch but, to my knowledge, I have never seen one so want to be sure. There were two house finch on the line above them. No males in sight. Thanks in advance.
  12. Nope. I live in British Columbia. I thought the tail was too long for a Savannah and no yellow supraloral coloring, but I didn't see a chestnut patch on the shoulder or the white outline on the cheek of this bird. Thanks.
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