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  1. I'd say Greater yellowlegs. Lots of barring is seen in breeding birds. Bill seems too long for lesser. Would wait for additional confirmation.
  2. Saw this bird today in Suburban Detroit, MI. Without hearing the bird, I have trouble deciding between an Eastern Wood-pewee from Willow flycatcher. I know the wing length and sharpness of wing bars should help but can someone confirm which bird this is and help me with any other distinguishing visual features? I have no trouble if I hear them sing (if one can call it singing). Thanks in advance.
  3. Seemed like too much brown on wings and mustache. Thanks to you both.
  4. Saw this one today, Detroit Michigan suburb, in a mixed grouping of Mourning Doves and a song sparrow beneath a feeder. Color of a juvenile starling but beak is finch or sparrow. No apparent markings on the chest. Didn't look quite right for female cowbird but maybe. Thanks in advance
  5. Rainy day in southeastern BC today. Saw this sparrow that I think is a vesper (chestnut shoulder). Also this bird that I think might be a female yellow-headed blackbird but she was hanging out with a couple of Brewer's males and there were a few cowbirds nearby. Have only seen male yellow-headed blackbirds before and they are easy to tell. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hadn't thought of a female Redhead but she looks more like one than a ring-neck based on head shape and lack of any white in front of the bill.
  7. Inclined to agree with juvenile common grackle - the bill is not right for catbird either
  8. Saw this female yesterday SE Canada at Waldie Island trail pond in Castlegar hanging with a group of mallards and two male ring-necked ducks. Is she a hybrid? Thanks in advance.
  9. Saw this bird today on Waldie Island Trail in Castlegar (southeastern) BC. Gray head, back and wings with lighter belly; very clear white complete eye ring. Did not see brown on wings or white at tail edges but looks most like a Townsend's solitaire. Would be the first I've seen this year if so. Only shot I could get was from the back. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks. So the sharp-shinned have slightly more rounded heads, lack that low brow ridge that makes Cooper's look like they will rip your face off, and even tail feathers. Really appreciate the attention to detail and time it takes to get these.
  11. Seen March 30 10 am at McNary NWR Burbank slough. I have trouble distinguishing immature Cooper's from Sharp-shinned. Including a photo of the tail and check to show better detail. I think this is a Cooper's but not sure if it meets the thicker legs, rounded tail, and less blurry strips without them standing next to each other... Also, while we were there, a large flock of snow geese flew in. I took these two photos but am wondering about how to estimate the number of birds. Ballpark, I thought about 800 but my partner thought over 1000. Any tips on counting would be helpful.
  12. Thanks. That is helpful, as the demarcation is quite clear in this bird. I have some trouble with light effects on color but from photos online, the color is certainly more vibrant in the commons.
  13. Thanks. I see. I guess I thought there was a range of phenotypes but not that there were subspecies. Explains why some WCSP look so different from others. Best,
  14. Yes, sorry meant chin and what is the Gambel's comment - the only Gambel's I know is the quail.
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