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  1. Hi, not great with hawks but I think this is a Coopers based on flattish head and darker cap. Hard to see the tip of the tail but seems rounded which is more like Coopers than Sharp-shinned. Would wait for a more experienced birder to confirm.
  2. Thanks all and it is my only photo. This is a new one for me but I plan to go back to see if I can spot it again.
  3. Saw this little owl on my drive home - south eastern BC near US border - getting dusky. My guess is a juvenile Northern Saw-whet but could be a Boreal. Have never seen either outside of a rescue facility. Looked to be about 6 inches tall but hard to tell. Flew on stubby wings to next tree over. Unable to get a look at the face and it made no sound. The wing seems to be sticking out beyond the tail - not sure that helps.
  4. Agree, Glaucous wouldn't have black on the wings and tail.
  5. Saw several small flocks of ducks today in Southern BC, 11 am, Selkirk trails near Castlegar - some I think are common goldeneye and some Barrow's but I am new at this and don't see the clear cheek patch vs. moon for the male and not sure about the sloped vs. straighter head for the female; beak color varied in the amount of black vs. yellow/orange. Help appreciated.
  6. Just wanted to add the Brewer's blackbird is a female as the males have those bright yellow eyes. Agree that the photo of the Lincoln is great.
  7. Was going through my photos and had a question on this one. Taken Feb 3 last year in the Sacramento WLR (the refuges in central California are amazing). Had never seen a hawk sitting in the water. Thought it was a juvenile Cooper's but the shoulder makes me think maybe it is a red-shouldered hawk. Any thoughts on why the bird is in the water - clutching prey too heavy to lift? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks all. Never thought of a Goshawk as it is a first for me. Sorry not to be detailed enough in location. We are in Southeastern BC near the US border in an area called the Pend Oreille (confluence of the Columbia and Pend O rivers).
  9. Small hawk. Seen on Sept 18 in Southern BC being chased by smaller birds and landing in tree. Distance shot and very misty day so facial markings not very clear. Thanks in advance.
  10. Southern BC at around 10 am. Sounded like a small hawk with white head and dark body. Only able to get this photo. Only other guess is Clark's nuthatch but didn't seem like enough gray around head and neck and beak is smaller I think. Help appreciated.
  11. Nice picture. Yellow legs help distinguish from the snowy.
  12. Southern BC bird feeder. Was sure it was a female/immature Anna but then saw more orange/buff tinge so less sure. Also new bird today - black-headed grosbeak female so attaching too.
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