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  1. Seen today in SE BC. Flock of 8 or 10. Moving from low in bushes to road. Orange in beak, large dark eyes and dark legs. Forgive fuzzy shots - moving fast. Help with ID appreciated.
  2. I like the common loon idea - looks like a bit of a white collar.
  3. Seen in my yard in SE BC, Canada. Usually see black-chinned and calliope and I think the tail and wings are about the same length, but this one looks more coppery so wondered if this is a rufous (also here but not often seen in the yard). Thanks in advance. I love birding!
  4. might have to amend to greater due to the longish bill
  5. Looks like it to me. Might be a Lesser Yellowlegs with the short neck. Migration time.
  6. Seen today in SE BC at Waldie Island Trail, Castlegar. Hidden in reeds so lighting poor. Alone. There is a group of about a dozen common mergansers in the river but no other hooded seen. Thanks in advance.
  7. Looking again, I think it is a least. Haven't seen one for a while. Thanks
  8. Could be but flitting around in a bush, not behaving like a flycatcher. Will wait for other responses.
  9. Seen today in SE BC. Had seen a Nashville female earlier and several yellow warblers but this one has a yellow covert but darker head and white chest so not sure - immature orange-crowned perhaps? Did not hang around long so this is my only photo. Thanks in advance.
  10. Agree with Western wood-pewee, Western meadowlark and lark sparrow. Any chance you heard the first bird call? Can't mistake the pewee.
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