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  1. I think that's correct. Mottled considering the location.
  2. I'd say Mallard with the orange legs and blue speculum patch. Also looks too big to be a teal.
  3. Saw these birds this morning at Council Grove SP near Missoula MT. I think this is a female hooded merganser and wanted confirmation (two photos). Also, I think the next shot is of a Northern rough-winged swallow as I don't see any brown collar but bank swallows were reported yesterday from here and want to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  4. Does look like an Eastern bluebird with orange color going up onto the shoulders. Some females have a lighter whitish neck although I agree that this is pretty white.
  5. In Missoula MT at Greenough Park this afternoon at about 4 pm and saw this very small hummingbird. Was never still so couldn't tell the relationship of tail to wing. A calliope was reported seen here yesterday. The side does look peach colored. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, was in MT at the Missouri Headwaters SP in Three Forks. First sighting of a clay-colored, I think - first two pics of the same bird. Still working on sparrows so want to be sure. Song was a buzzing with no musical notes. Also, want to confirm the other as a Savannah (third and fourth photo; same bird). Thanks in advance.
  7. West Bloomfield, MI, Robert Long Park, this morning. Saw this bird on the ground (all pics same bird). No russet crown so doubt oven bird and no red tail so doubt hermit thrush. So Swainson's? Thanks in advance.
  8. Agree with Willet. Beak also seems more Willet than Godwit.
  9. Located in southwest Michigan, mid-afternoon, Robert Long Park. Saw this bird nesting, or visiting a nest, and it looks like a robin body shape and head/face but only a few lines of orange on the breast. Is this just shadow or a mutation? Anyone seen this before?
  10. Central MI, West Bloomfield - Robert Long Marsh. Saw two of these birds. Wish I had gotten a better shot but stayed high in the trees. In section with mostly yellow-rump warblers and a few palm warblers today. Thanks in advance.
  11. West Bloomfield (south-central) MI at Robert Long Park. Saw this shorebird, single and deep enough in water I couldn't see the legs. Was too far for a good photo. On the third photo, caught the tail (banded) at the far right of the frame as it flew. Am not familiar with sandpipers in MI. Thanks in advance.
  12. Oops, meant to mention that a slight yellow wash below is mentioned on the Cornell site for female Cerulean warblers.
  13. Thanks all for the conversation/opinions. I did not see a yellow rump on this bird and am quite familiar with YRWA, just not so much with other warblers. Also have not seen the myrtle here, only the Audubon so far. Am here in MI for the next few weeks so will continue to try to photograph as many of the warblers as I can - they have appeared in larger numbers this past week so pretty exciting.
  14. Saw this bird this morning - May 3 - at about 11 am West Bloomfield MI mixed in with 2 Tufted Titmouse (titmice?), two ruby-crowned kinglets, a yellow-rumped warbler, Chipping Sparrows and a robin. Only got this shot amid all the activity. A fairly new bird to me so want to be sure.
  15. I also see faint spotting on the outer tail feathers - also helpful in differentiating downy from hairy. Too bad you couldn't see the beak - much larger in the hairy.
  16. Was going through some unknown photos and took this one when walking along a path above the ocean in central costal CA in February last year. The only bird that is close in size and color without wing bars that I know is a blue-gray gnatcatcher but the colors don't seem right. Suggestions appreciated.
  17. Obviously these two are easy to confuse. I lean towards Brewer's for the three and thicker beak is helpful (so the second for me is a toss up) but the voice might be easier to help distinguish them. The Brewers is a more pure tone and somewhat lower squeak and chuck sound and the grackle is more high pitched and several-toned squeak (like a squeaky gate) and I usually hear a few chucks. The Cornell site is great for sounds.
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