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  1. Seen today on Selkirk trail, Castlegar, BC. Do not recognize this one. Same bird, just cropped the first photo. Thanks in advance.
  2. Seen today in Southern British Columbia. I think these are female purple finch but, to my knowledge, I have never seen one so want to be sure. There were two house finch on the line above them. No males in sight. Thanks in advance.
  3. Nope. I live in British Columbia. I thought the tail was too long for a Savannah and no yellow supraloral coloring, but I didn't see a chestnut patch on the shoulder or the white outline on the cheek of this bird. Thanks.
  4. HI, poor lighting, but think this is a Savannah but not sure. Seen in southern BC this afternoon. Help appreciated. Smaller than a tree swallow sitting nearby.
  5. Thanks. Both new birds to me. DIdn't notice the speckled pattern on the back of the wren. Traveling is wonderful.
  6. Hi all, saw this bird at Joshua Tree NP (California) 2 days ago. Hidden in an ocotillo so couldn't focus well. Bill seems like a thrasher but coloring is like a goldfinch although lighting is certainly an issue (and clearly not a goldfinch). Didn't hear it and never saw the chest. Also, is the wren on this rock from the next day at the Petrified Forest (AZ) a house wren? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks all. The Cornell map does indicate that vesper sparrows can be found year-round in central California, but I have not seen one here before (although I only spend a month each year here). Just didn't look like a Savannah to me. I agree with the lack of rufous shoulders and smallish eye ring. SO, of other's agree with likely Savannah - will call it that.
  8. Hi all, saw this one at the Sacramento NWR last month and wanted to check to see if this one is a Vesper. I haven't seen that many and it was with a nixed group of sparrows. Sorry for the blurry image - it kept jumping around. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks but don't understand what you mean about graduated tail feathers. Nice to have you weight in. I always learn from reading your posts.
  10. Seen at Lost Lake in Fresno, CA today. Have so much trouble telling these apart. The chest and head seem good for Cooper's but the legs do look thin and the tail in the second shot square. Help appreciated.
  11. Thanks to all for this. I certainly was confused with the wing pattern that I thought looked red-shouldered but with a head that looked like a young red-tail. I don't have other photos of the bird, but give permission to anyone who wants to play with them and post elsewhere.
  12. Saw this handsome bird today at Merced NWR in Central California. I think it is a young red-shouldered hawk but not sure. Help appreciated. Windy and rainy so a bit ruffled. Thanks in advance.
  13. Seen today in SE British Columbia - small flock. Sounded like an American Tree Sparrow, looks more like an immature white-crowned (but have never seen immatures without mature ones and none seen yet this fall). Possibly field sparrow? Eye line is wrong for chipping and according to the ebird list, they are no longer here. Last shot is of another accompanying bird. Help appreciated.
  14. Agree, great photos! My only Goshawk sighting was a few years ago, also in fall and in the rain. They seem to be rather secretive. Poor bedraggled guy. What bird group helped me confirm the ID so thanks.
  15. Seen in Kelowna BC on Munson pond. Mixed in with 250 CA geese and at the distant shore. I think this is a BW teal pair. Thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  16. So interesting to see what shows up this time of year
  17. Pretty sure the left side duck is a Harlequin - here is another photo. It was smaller than the GE and had the face spots with the one at behind the eye.
  18. oops, forgot to say I was at Waldie Island Trail in SE British Columbia
  19. Hi all, was photographing (or trying to in terrible lighting) a Harlequin who was traveling with a common merganser and a small group of golden-eye and saw this duck (top of frame). Any ideas about who this might be? My guess is a GE just caught in an odd position. Thanks in advance (and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow for fellow Canadians).
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