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  1. Hi all, saw this bird at Joshua Tree NP (California) 2 days ago. Hidden in an ocotillo so couldn't focus well. Bill seems like a  thrasher but coloring is like a goldfinch although lighting is certainly an issue (and clearly not a goldfinch). Didn't hear it and never saw the chest.

    Also, is the wren on this rock from the next day at the Petrified Forest (AZ) a house wren? 

    Thanks in advance.

    DSCN6989 Joshua tree NP.JPG



    DSCN7059 house Wren likely.JPG

  2. Thanks all. The Cornell map does indicate that vesper sparrows can be found year-round in central California, but I have not seen one here before (although I only spend a month each year here). Just didn't look like a Savannah to me. I agree with the lack of rufous shoulders and smallish eye ring. SO, of other's agree with likely Savannah - will call it that. 

  3. Seen today in SE British Columbia - small flock. Sounded like an American Tree Sparrow, looks more like an immature white-crowned (but have never seen immatures without mature ones and none seen yet this fall). Possibly field sparrow? Eye line is wrong for chipping and according to the ebird list, they are no longer here. Last shot is of another accompanying bird. Help appreciated. 

    DSCN8682 tree or immature wc.JPG




    DSCN8689 second bird.JPG

  4. Hi all, was photographing (or trying to in terrible lighting) a Harlequin who was traveling with a common merganser and a small group of golden-eye and saw this duck (top of frame). Any ideas about who this might be? My guess is a GE just caught in an odd position.DSCN8643.thumb.JPG.7df24def13d6a8e4aa83b535211cc655.JPG

    Thanks in advance (and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow for fellow Canadians).


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