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  1. Hi all, saw this bird this morning SE Michigan, Heritage Park. Very distant but black (about the size of a red-winged BB) with white back and some around the wings. I think it may be  a bobolink but none reported yet at the park and no yellow patch seen at the back of the head.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the crappy photo but it landed quite distant.


  2. Here in South Dakota near the Nebraska border and saw two birds - bigger than robins but smaller than a Cooper's hawk. Driving so just seen briefly but at 4 pm so had a clear view. Appeared to be grey with very distinct white bands on the underside of the wings as noted above. Tail was fairly long and almost seemed banded. The only bird that I could find that looks like it (and is in the area) is a Common Nighthawk but I have not ID'd it before and this was not dusk. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.

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