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  1. Thanks all. Noticed Sean is in Florida where I became interested in birding about 4 years ago. Two of the best birding sites near the Boynton Beach area are Green Cay and Wakodahatchee.
  2. Took this July 14 in southeastern BC. Mostly see western bluebirds and western kingbirds in this area but I think this is a Say's Phoebe. Guidance appreciated.
  3. Thanks so much everyone - I love learning. The pictures sent in by pictaker are wonderful! Mindy
  4. The first is a house sparrow and the second looks like a curve-billed thrasher but I have only seen the California, Crissal and brown thrashers myself. It may be a little too far North for the curve-billed. LaConte's is the other that looks like this one but I think it is more to the South. Will wait for the more experienced birders to weigh in.
  5. No yellow so I don't think Savannah; maybe Vesper. I am not great on the sparrows though. Interested to see what others say.
  6. I thought the juvenile yellow-crown have red eyes while the juvenile black-crown eye's are yellow. Thoughts? This is the photo that I took of what I think is a juvenile yellow-crown NH from central coast California in Feb 2019.
  7. I think it is a juvenile green. Never seen a bittern in a tree.
  8. I agree and mockingbirds have an amazing song repertoire. Catbirds sound more like parakeets to me - cherpy and not as melodic. And I don't see the black cap.
  9. I saw this one a few days ago - southern BC near Trail and doing the fly catcher out and back moves. More rounded head so didn't look quite right for a Western Wood Pewee but no eye ring or distinct wing bars and the wings are pretty long so I think it is a wood pewee not a dusky flycatcher. Help appreciated. I am learning so much from this forum.
  10. Thanks for the information. I photographed a red-naped sapsucker for the first time June 2nd near this area so this must be one of the offspring. Hard enough to figure out the adults....Mindy
  11. Saw this woodpecker before she went into a hole in a half-dead birch. It was 6 pm July 22 on the Waneta-Nelway rd at the Southeastern side of British Columbia near the Pend-Oreille River area. The photos are not the best but that's all I have. There didn't seem to be a yellow crown. The back pattern is not quite right for three-toed but it is not a Black-backed or Downy. No call to help out with identification. About the size of a Hairy woodpecker. The three-toed has not been reported one bird in this area so not sure. Mindy
  12. Yes and nice photo. If you are not already using allaboutbirds.org, it is a great way to learn more about bird identification and provides look alikes with information about how to distinguish them from each other. Mindy
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