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  1. Seen today in SE British Columbia - small flock. Sounded like an American Tree Sparrow, looks more like an immature white-crowned (but have never seen immatures without mature ones and none seen yet this fall). Possibly field sparrow? Eye line is wrong for chipping and according to the ebird list, they are no longer here. Last shot is of another accompanying bird. Help appreciated.
  2. Agree, great photos! My only Goshawk sighting was a few years ago, also in fall and in the rain. They seem to be rather secretive. Poor bedraggled guy. What bird group helped me confirm the ID so thanks.
  3. Seen in Kelowna BC on Munson pond. Mixed in with 250 CA geese and at the distant shore. I think this is a BW teal pair. Thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. So interesting to see what shows up this time of year
  5. Pretty sure the left side duck is a Harlequin - here is another photo. It was smaller than the GE and had the face spots with the one at behind the eye.
  6. oops, forgot to say I was at Waldie Island Trail in SE British Columbia
  7. Hi all, was photographing (or trying to in terrible lighting) a Harlequin who was traveling with a common merganser and a small group of golden-eye and saw this duck (top of frame). Any ideas about who this might be? My guess is a GE just caught in an odd position. Thanks in advance (and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow for fellow Canadians).
  8. Seen today in SE BC. Flock of 8 or 10. Moving from low in bushes to road. Orange in beak, large dark eyes and dark legs. Forgive fuzzy shots - moving fast. Help with ID appreciated.
  9. I like the common loon idea - looks like a bit of a white collar.
  10. Seen in my yard in SE BC, Canada. Usually see black-chinned and calliope and I think the tail and wings are about the same length, but this one looks more coppery so wondered if this is a rufous (also here but not often seen in the yard). Thanks in advance. I love birding!
  11. might have to amend to greater due to the longish bill
  12. Looks like it to me. Might be a Lesser Yellowlegs with the short neck. Migration time.
  13. Seen today in SE BC at Waldie Island Trail, Castlegar. Hidden in reeds so lighting poor. Alone. There is a group of about a dozen common mergansers in the river but no other hooded seen. Thanks in advance.
  14. Looking again, I think it is a least. Haven't seen one for a while. Thanks
  15. Could be but flitting around in a bush, not behaving like a flycatcher. Will wait for other responses.
  16. Seen today in SE BC. Had seen a Nashville female earlier and several yellow warblers but this one has a yellow covert but darker head and white chest so not sure - immature orange-crowned perhaps? Did not hang around long so this is my only photo. Thanks in advance.
  17. Agree with Western wood-pewee, Western meadowlark and lark sparrow. Any chance you heard the first bird call? Can't mistake the pewee.
  18. Saw this bird a few weeks ago in SE Michigan at the WestBloomfield Nature Preserve in a swampy area. Flycatching behavior and thought it was an eastern Phoebe but the tail is short and beak a bit big and downcurving. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  19. Must have caught it at the edge of its range. I see them often in BC.
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