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  1. Agree with Western wood-pewee, Western meadowlark and lark sparrow. Any chance you heard the first bird call? Can't mistake the pewee.
  2. Saw this bird a few weeks ago in SE Michigan at the WestBloomfield Nature Preserve in a swampy area. Flycatching behavior and thought it was an eastern Phoebe but the tail is short and beak a bit big and downcurving. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  3. Must have caught it at the edge of its range. I see them often in BC.
  4. Color looks more robin but rare to have robin's nest on the ground; also I think uncommon for catbirds
  5. Hi all, saw this bird this morning SE Michigan, Heritage Park. Very distant but black (about the size of a red-winged BB) with white back and some around the wings. I think it may be a bobolink but none reported yet at the park and no yellow patch seen at the back of the head. Thanks in advance and sorry for the crappy photo but it landed quite distant.
  6. Seen this morning in SE MIchigan. Just can't place it. Help appreciated.
  7. I considered this, but the wings had more of a V shape and the patch seemed more narrow - like a band vs. splotch. Still could be...
  8. Here in South Dakota near the Nebraska border and saw two birds - bigger than robins but smaller than a Cooper's hawk. Driving so just seen briefly but at 4 pm so had a clear view. Appeared to be grey with very distinct white bands on the underside of the wings as noted above. Tail was fairly long and almost seemed banded. The only bird that I could find that looks like it (and is in the area) is a Common Nighthawk but I have not ID'd it before and this was not dusk. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  9. Agree. So much earlier than up in BC.
  10. Saw this bird in SE BC a few days ago. I thought Sharp-shinned based on more rounded head. But my local expert says Cooper's. Not that I don't believe him, but hoping someone can tell me how to better distinguish with respect to these photos. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks, don't know why this one threw me except that I usually see the females with the males which makes ID easy.
  12. The grayish face and finer stripes on the chest do suggest Lincoln's but I am not seeing a buffy wash. I agree that LBB are difficult, but nice photos.
  13. Seen today at San Luis NWR in Central California today. Hanging with cinnamon teal and shovelers. Thanks in advance
  14. Was at Merced NWR in Merced, California today and saw black-bellied plovers, dunlins, dowitchers and least sandpipers. A bird was seen a week or two ago with the BB plovers that the birder thought was a Pacific golden-plover based on lighter color and dark spot behind the eye near the back of the head. Check out the plover at the far left and tell me if you think this might be that bird. Thanks in advance.
  15. Agree, confusing as they have striped tails. Great photos. Just saw my first young golden and they are very dark with a white tail with a black band (thought I was looking at the rarely seen common black hawk before I got guidance from this group).
  16. Seen yesterday in Fresno California at the waste water treatment plant on Jensen. Cloudy day so not great for photos plus always at the opposite end of the pond. There were dozens of eared grebes but I saw this one and it looks like a non-breeding horned to me. I remember something about horned grebes riding lower in the water. Thoughts? Added a second photo of a cluster of eared grebes for direct comparison. Thanks in advance.
  17. I'm from BC so we don't see foxes in trees, just bears. Thanks for adding the fox photo and for the laugh.
  18. The bird was very red so I thought so too; have seen sooty sparrows. Have put it up on my ebird. Document somewhere else?
  19. Has anyone seen a Fox sparrow in a tree before? Today at Merced NWR in central California, I saw this bird high in a tree and seemed to be eating bugs. Pretty sure it is a fox.
  20. Seen today at Merced NWR in central California. I think the first small hawk (3 photos) is a sharpie but could be a Cooper; head seems small and somewhat rounded but can't tell if tail is square. Bad lighting of course. The second is either a red-tailed or a Swainson's - long wings and something about the stance makes me think Swainson's but again bad lighting and then flew. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hope for a few more thoughts on the third photo - solo peep
  22. I do think that these are leasts in the second photo but wondering about the third and fourth photos -puffy sandpiper alone and in the middle in the final photo. It was a bit larger than the least to the left of it.
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