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  1. Thanks so much. We do have red-eyed vireos here, although I have yet to see one, but warbling are more common. I was looking into the sun and couldn't see the face. It somehow looked bigger than the warbling vireos that I see in Michigan so wasn't sure.
  2. Not sure about this bird and couldn't place the song (of course there were several singers too) - learning songs and calls but a slow process. Saw this one 2 days ago in the morning in SE British Columbia on the Selkirk College oxbow trail. Also saw this raven who had its eyes closed and beak open standing still on the ground. After a few minutes, it hopped and then flew off. Any idea what it might have been doing? Thanks in advance.
  3. Wow, didn't think of ash-throated as it isn't supposed to be here. It does have a reddish tail and the bill did look big in the third photo for a willow. Didn't seem crested though. Will wait for a few more comments before posting. Thanks
  4. Southeastern BC this afternoon. Saw this fly catcher (all 3 photos same bird) from a distance and was hoping for help with ID. Was in a low tree and unable to hear its call. Thinking willow but could be least. Clues on how to differentiate by sight would be appreciated. I think I can recognize the calls. Thanks in advance.
  5. The immatures are really confusing as they look very little like the adults, including the beaks; just the chunky bodies/general shape. I got confirmation on this photo a few weeks ago on this forum for the juvenile starling - even before the before the black base and white spots appear. The second photo is a also a young one from the year before.
  6. I am east, just 3 hours north of Spokane, WA across the border in BC, and Cassin's would be more likely, but I haven't ID'd them either. Would the underparts streaking be more blurry or thicker with the purple - more like the house finch?
  7. Saw these two at a neighbor's bird feeder - Southeastern BC in the afternoon today. Had seen a male house finch nearby and there were two pine siskins at the feeder (one in foreground in the first photo and I included a third photo of the pine siskin - first sighting and a little blurry) but these two didn't look right for female house finch - white supercilium (seen well in second photo) - and no yellow on the wings and a thicker beak so didn't think pine siskins. My book shows the closest is a Purple finch female but I have not seen those here. Thanks in advance.
  8. Both seen in Southeastern BC. The first was taken a few days ago and I am pretty sure it is a rufous male, but this is a new bird for me so wanted confirmation. The second was taken about this time of year a year or two ago, when I was much newer to birding and I had it labeled black-chinned but I think it may be an Anna's male. So nice that these guys like to perch in the open. Help appreciated and thanks in advance.
  9. This is such a challenging time of year for birding - all those young ones who often look nothing like the adults.
  10. Thanks. The light color on the neck of the Brewer's threw me - we have had a bumper crop of Brewer's this year.
  11. Seen in early afternoon in Kootenay-Boundary, eastern BC. Grassy meadow. First two photos I think are a Vesper Sparrow, but this would be my first sighting so would like confirmation. I think I am seeing the chestnut shoulder patch but don't see much of a white malar. The second bird (third photo) was nearby standing on a bluebird box. Finally, I saw this bird (fourth photo) in low trees on roadside the day before, conifers and vine maple area, and then saw a male Bullock's about 1/4 mile down - sure of the male but this is also a first sighting. Thanks in advance
  12. Saw this bird this morning. Southeastern BC, backyard - two photos same bird. Assumed it was a chipping sparrow but I think it sang instead of the buzzy trill. Could have been birds behind it as there were quite a few singers this morning. Thanks in advance.
  13. The slight down curve to the beak looks like an orchard oriole to me too.
  14. I think that's correct. Mottled considering the location.
  15. I'd say Mallard with the orange legs and blue speculum patch. Also looks too big to be a teal.
  16. Saw these birds this morning at Council Grove SP near Missoula MT. I think this is a female hooded merganser and wanted confirmation (two photos). Also, I think the next shot is of a Northern rough-winged swallow as I don't see any brown collar but bank swallows were reported yesterday from here and want to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  17. Does look like an Eastern bluebird with orange color going up onto the shoulders. Some females have a lighter whitish neck although I agree that this is pretty white.
  18. In Missoula MT at Greenough Park this afternoon at about 4 pm and saw this very small hummingbird. Was never still so couldn't tell the relationship of tail to wing. A calliope was reported seen here yesterday. The side does look peach colored. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi all, was in MT at the Missouri Headwaters SP in Three Forks. First sighting of a clay-colored, I think - first two pics of the same bird. Still working on sparrows so want to be sure. Song was a buzzing with no musical notes. Also, want to confirm the other as a Savannah (third and fourth photo; same bird). Thanks in advance.
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