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  1. Saw these in the Florida Keys this past weekend. I first thought it was a Red Knot, but upon reviewing the photos on the computer, the bill looks too long.  Now I'm thinking a Short-billed Dowitcher...  Second photo includes Ruddy Turnstone and I think a Juvi Short-billed Dowitcher. 



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  2. The bummer news is I didn't get a new lifer for me, oh well... But the really cool news is, that if it's a Broad-winged Hawk, then I feel like it's a sign.  These two photos are from my property in the Keys, and this bird kept watching me for a few days and would hang out where I was - and about 6 months earlier, I saved a Broad-winged Hawk (ID by the hospital) from the road and brought him to the bird sanctuary/hospital.  He was released after he recovered and maybe this is a friend and heard that I'm a crazy bird lady and wanted to say hi. 

    Here's the pic of my hawk friend on my lap!  My husband couldn't believe I wasn't scared of him or worried about him being on my lap. I told him it never crossed my mind, all I could think about was getting him some help. 


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  3. 3 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    My question is, are both of these photos of the same bird?  I made my call based on the first photo.  Looking at the second one, it looks to have different streaks and marks on the underside and breast sides.

    they were taken about 1 hour apart, same location, so I did think they were the same bird, but I see what you mean about the different streaking on the underside. 


    9 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    Pale eyebrow over dark eyeline.  Clear malar stripes / 'moustache'.  Overall falcon GISS.  Streaking and markings wrong for Peregrine or Kestrel.  Bill isn't large enough in relation to the head for accipiter or buteo, and bill markings fit.

    this is awesome info! thank you so much for the details!!!

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  4. Seen today in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I searched online and I couldn't find any Common/Barrow's Goldeneyes that had this must white and a brown spot on it's cheek.  I also looked through the other ducks that have been seen in the area, and this one (white head with brown cheek) doesn't look like anything else reported (long-tail, shoveler, mallard, scaup, ring-necked, bufflehead...).  Anyone have any ideas? 



  5. Per eBird reports, both swans have been seen in the area I went birding - Heber City (40 mins from Salt Lake City) Utah, about 2 weeks ago.  Unfortunately, they were really really far away, so I can't for sure see the yellow coloring on the bill to help.  What do you guys think?  These are two different sets of swans, but from the same day and area, along with other Mute Swans too - IT WAS THE BEST DAY!!!IMG_6070.thumb.JPG.d857b6baaeae12b075021ba8bcb85975.JPGIMG_6044.thumb.JPG.0c2caa7b8f81c20c49085b6f73c15b83.JPG

  6. At the time I was taking this photo, I didn't even realize I was possibly looking at a Lifer for me.  I was more focused on the beautiful Mallard & Geese and then snapped just one photo of what I thought was his female companion.  Now, reviewing the photos, I think this is a Gadwall (duck on the left)!  Seen in Heber City (40 mins from Salt Lake City) in Utah about 2 weeks ago. 


  7. Seen 2 weeks ago in Park City (40 mins from Salt Lake City) Utah.  I read an article about finding the differences and I'm torn.  It looks like it has a more notched tail and a narrow white eye ring like a Cassin's.  But it also looks like it has streaks under the wings like a House.  Any suggestions? Thanks!



  8. I saw this beauty while in Park City (40 mins from Salt Lake City) Utah, about 2 weeks ago.  He was over 200 feet away, so sizing perspective was really difficult for me.  After reading a few articles on telling the difference between the two, I was more confused because I thought he was bigger than a Blue Jay and bigger than a Crow.  So I'm hoping one of you guys can weigh in.  Thanks!



  9. 5 hours ago, Bird Brain said:

    You've gone and done it now, Charlie! These young whippersnappers will get the big head so bad we won't be able to tell them anything!!!  (Not that we ever could anyhow, actually.......? )

    I'd like to add my welcome to another old cranky man. We need reinforcements....I'm afraid our ranks are getting quite thin.

    Quiet down old men, I'm tracking a bird through your well manicured lawn!! hehe

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  10. Wow, thanks!!! I'm so relieved it's a female and doesn't look anything like the male, so I wasn't missing something obvious.  It's super cool though, I got the male black-throated blue warbler in April of this year, and was a lifer for me then.  But now I have to change this to a 2019 bird!!!  Black-throatedBlueWarbler4.jpg.e638717d8e6435e7dcf986a47292a278.jpg

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  11. This little guy has really stumped me.  I would normally think it was a Palm Warbler due to the eyebrow and partial eye ring, but there's no yellow under his tail and the semi wing bar??  Then I thought Pine Warbler, but it looks like they have a complete eyering and no eyebrow, so that doesn't fit. I've gone through all my books, and I know I just must be missing it, like it's a female or juvenile (I hope - so I don't feel so bad about not being able to id him).  Thanks to everyone here, I love this forum/group ?

    Seen November in Palm Beach County, FL


  12. 54 minutes ago, Benjamin said:

    The second largest birds here are Dowitchers- now the real challenge is separating the two, which at the best of times is extremely hard. The rightmost bird in both photos looks like a classic Short-billed to me, notice the relatively short bill and brownish coloration. That said, I'm inclined to go for Long-billed for the leftmost bird and perhaps the few around it- notice the very long bill and dark all-gray coloration, as well as the fact that it appears slightly larger overall than the Short-billed on the right.

    WOW, so it's totally normal that the two birds (long and short bill) all congregate together?  That's so cool!

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