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  1. These were taken at LaBagh Woods in Chicago, Illinois. Can I please get ID help.. thank you!
  2. hi everyone can anyone help me confirm this is a dark-eyed junco? what sex? is it a subspecies? it was photographed at the indiana dunes the other week. thanks.
  3. Please let me know if this isn't allowed. I work for bird photographer Owen Deutsch. Right now he's helping to run a membership drive for American Bird Conservancy and for a short period of time, offering free one-year memberships (no credit card required, no strings attached) to help raise awareness for bird conservation. Everyone who signs up for this free membership promo is entered in a random drawing to win a copy of his book, Bringing Back the Birds. you can enter via facebook.com/owendeutschphotography on the pinned post or here: Owendeutsch.org/entry
  4. thanks! immature? male? female? all these shorebirds look identical to me...
  5. can you help me identify this? thought it was a least sandpiper, someone else told me a sanderling.
  6. thank you for the input. i work for a bird photographer so i did not see this bird in person. part of my job is helping him accurately identify them.
  7. hey everyone, sorry for all the posts today! this is the last one - is this perhaps a green kingfisher?
  8. hello, I originally thought this was a pine warbler but someone told me it is not. any ideas?
  9. i just replied in the comments with the pictures again.
  10. i just replied in the comments with the pictures again.
  11. hi everyone, need some help identifying these birds from magic hedge in chicago, illinois this past weekend.
  12. hello, my boss photographed this gull in Mexico and all this time we thought it was an american herring gull but recently his friend who is an expert level birder said it was a lesser black-backed gull. any insight? thank you.
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