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  1. Please let me know if this isn't allowed. I work for bird photographer Owen Deutsch. Right now he's helping to run a membership drive for American Bird Conservancy and for a short period of time, offering free one-year memberships (no credit card required, no strings attached) to help raise awareness for bird conservation. Everyone who signs up for this free membership promo is entered in a random drawing to win a copy of his book, Bringing Back the Birds. you can enter via facebook.com/owendeutschphotography on the pinned post or here: Owendeutsch.org/entry




  2. On 10/17/2019 at 7:00 PM, birdbrain22 said:

    IMO...Bill looks well in range for a Green and the white spotting on the wing also supports Green.

    Size would be the real proof... @eatthegoodoftheland, are you familiar with the Belted Kingfisher? if it was significantly smaller than it is a Green. close to the same size as Belted, then it is a Amazon.

    thank you for the input. i work for a bird photographer so i did not see this bird in person. part of my job is helping him accurately identify them.

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