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  1. Thanks folks, gotta get a device that can support Merlin so I can see other plumages. Good to know I was right, even if I hoped I was wrong...
  2. I thought it was a yellow warbler when I saw it in the tree but that seems like a lot of green. Second photo has had brightness added, he was in deep green stuff most of the time. Can you confirm yellow warbler?
  3. I expect this will turn out to be the Warbling Vireo again but wondered about a Chat.. It caught my eye though because the breast seemed much brighter. Sorry I could not get a shot with the entire head showing..
  4. thanks for the help. I like your photos too! Glad to have them sorted out.
  5. I have seen these two woodpeckers but don't have my Howell with e this time. Both were in West Mexico, Nayarit state. The first about 2 weeks agoo, the second and third photos were taken today, March 27, 2022.I am unsure about which is which but I think they are two different species. Would appreciate some feedback.
  6. Well that's disappointing but still a good day. I saw a Russet crowned Motmot today.
  7. Yes to Little Blue immature. Bill confirmation and stocky build. Can't really see the green legs but a snowy would show dark legs.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation. I think that is a lifer for me!
  9. Seen 07 March on the west coast of Mexico in Nayarit. The day was very cloudy but the bird caught my eye because of his hunched sort of no-neck posture. I wonder if it is a bright rumped Attila. don't have my Howell with me to check unfortunately.
  10. There are many migrants passing along the coast of Nayarit state this month. One of them I think is a vireo and I wonder if it might be a Philidelphia vireo. I know it is an eastern bird but I don't know where it spends the winter. the photo is of poor quality but does show the white eye ring well. Any help in ID would be appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the help. Still searching for a Connecticut.
  12. Found two more part images. Any chance this is a Connecticut warbler?
  13. Oops, sorry I forgot about that. Location, Bracebridge Ontario Canada, today about 4 pm. After a brief shower the lawn was full of birds. This one was getting a drink from the flowers.
  14. Hi there, I have a blurry photo of an unknown bird. Hope someone can help me identify it.
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