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  1. Saw it in Charleston Slough, Mountain View, CA last week at about 7 pm. Thank you.
  2. Saw in Charleston Slough, Mountain View, CA last weekend in the evening. Thank you.
  3. In Charleston Slough, Mountain View, CA. At dusk. The third picture looks a bit different than the first two, due to the brown patch beneath and behind the eye.
  4. Saw it in my backyard in the Bay Area, CA around 11 am today. It is similar to female house finch, but... it looked more white, and I haven't seen house finches feeding on the ground, while this bird did.
  5. Came to a bird bath in my backyard in the Bay Area, CA. Saw it at 4 pm today.
  6. Saw in my backyard in the Bay Area, CA in the evening. Eating seed on the ground.
  7. In Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont, CA. Evening at about 7 pm. Was on the ground. Thank you.
  8. Saw them in Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont, CA. Also, don't know what the black bird with yellow bill is. Thank you.
  9. In my backyard in SF Bay Area, CA a few days ago in the evening. Apologies about the low quality of shots due to high ISO and cropping.
  10. Thank you!! The one thing that made me doubtful was that it didn't have chestnut flanks. But you clarified that. Thanks again!
  11. In my backyard in the SF Bay Area, CA this morning. Eating black oil sunflower seeds. Thank you!
  12. Saw them in Pacifica, near SF, California in the afternoon. Thank you!
  13. I took this photo in The Keys, Florida in Dec 2018. For a while I thought it's not possible to identify it since the picture is poor quality. But I thought I'll give it a try. Thanks so much!
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