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  1. But this one didn't seem to have any white. Saw it in Monterey, CA during the day. Thank you!
  2. In the SF Bay Area, CA today. In my backyard in the morning. Thank you!
  3. Saw it today in my backyard in the Bay Area, California. These are actually 2 birds who came together, sat down for a few seconds right next to each other, and then flew away together. Not sure if they are male-female. One of them seems to have a blue streak. I could not find a match in the Audubon app. Thank you!
  4. Saw these in the Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont, CA at about 11:30 am yesterday. The pictures are from far, so wasn't able to capture a lot of detail. - Are the first 3 snowy egret? - Is the last one great egret?
  5. Thank you @Bird Brain. Do you think these are American white pelicans as well? After following their general direction of their flight, I reached a water body, and saw these birds there, but not sure if they're the same. From the ID info, they appear to be same. Again, photos aren't very sharp.
  6. Saw these in the Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont, CA at about 11:30 am today. Sorry the pictures aren't sharp. Thank you in advance!
  7. Saw today in my backyard in the SF Bay Area, California. Thank you!
  8. Saw this in San Francisco (Golden Gate Park) a few days ago. It was just sitting on the branch of a small plant. Thanks in advance.
  9. I only have a single picture. I saw it in the Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge, Montana in Jun 2018. It's black and orange. I could not find anything like it on the Audubon app. Thank you!
  10. Saw this in a park in the SF Bay Area, California. Saw it on the ground, on a tree and in tall brown grass. Saw it at 7:30 pm yesterday. To me it looks like the California scrub-jay, but juvenile since it doesn't have blue head.
  11. Thank you. To my newbie eyes, it looks like this guy: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Dark-eyed_Junco/media-browser/66115761
  12. Saw today in my backyard at 11 am. SF Bay Area, California. From the Audubon app, it looks like a dark-eyed junko, but I see so many variations of the dark-eyed junko so wanted to pose the Q. I hope it's okay to have multiple posts in a day. Thank you everyone.
  13. This is my 4th post. All my initial guesses have been wrong, but it doesn't matter really; it's a great feeling when someone identifies the bird, so a big thanks to all of you. I saw this bird in my backyard a couple of days ago, in SF Bay Area, California at about 7:30 pm. I could not take the pictures of the back side. It had a red/orange color around its beak. Sorry the photos aren't very clear due to low light.
  14. Got it, thank you. I guess I'm learning to look at the colors closely. I missed the yellow, and thought it was only brown.
  15. Saw this bird in my backyard in the SF Bay Area, California. Saw it a couple of days ago, at about 7 pm. Thank you in advance!
  16. Thank you everyone! I had looked at all the possible matches in the Audubon app, and unfortunately it only shows the male in the Bird ID by default, unless you go into each bird and look at the males and females. It's a lesson for me to look at the detailed images of both males and females before ID'ing a bird. Thanks!
  17. Saw today in my backyard at 7 pm. SF Bay Area, California. As you can see, was sitting on the wire with an insect in its beak, and was making a call. I'm a newbie, and the Audubon app showed me the closest match as the orange-crowned warbler.
  18. Thank you everyone. It is great to be able to draw upon your experience.
  19. Hello everyone, This is my first post. I read all the suggestions, so trying to make a helpful post. Here are 3 pictures of the bird. And more information: Saw it at 10 am Was hopping on the ground In my backyard, in the SF Bay Area, California I used the app Audubon, and the only close match I saw was Say's Phoebe, but I'm not sure esp since this bird's beak seems different. Thank you. Nav.
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