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  1. [img]https://i.imgur.com/KrHi4s7.jpg[/img] Photographed in September in Winnipeg.
  2. Photographed this little bird in Winnipeg a few weeks ago (9/24/2020).
  3. What Warbler? Photographed this morning in Winnipeg. Is it a fall colored Blackpoll?
  4. Just photographed it toady in Winnipeg. Can't figure out which Sparrow--the yellow markings don't fit any I know.
  5. Can't figure out which sparrow. Photographed it in Winnipeg, yesterday.
  6. I first thought it to be a red-eyed vireo but the pale markings on its breast doesn't fit. If its a warbler I, I don't know which. Photographed yesterday in Winnipeg.
  7. This bird I photographed, today, in Winnipeg. Have I finally got a photo of one? Or could it be a Blue-headed one?
  8. I was photographing Red-eyed Vireos and then this bird here in Winnipeg a couple weeks ago. In post processing its identity came into question.
  9. This morning I photographed a wet bird in Winnipeg--having difficulty ID because of the feathers sticking up.
  10. Is this bird a house wren? Photographed today in Winnipeg.
  11. Photographed this bird today. Unfortunately, this is the best shot I got before it was gone--I hope there is sufficient detail present to make an ID.
  12. Photographed this little bird today in Winnipeg. I've never seen a Canada Warbler before--so I want to be sure my ID is correct.
  13. Photographed today in Winnipeg. Could not figure out which warbler.
  14. Photographed this yellow colored warbler today here in Winnipeg
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