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  1. This bird I photographed, today, in Winnipeg. Have I finally got a photo of one? Or could it be a Blue-headed one?
  2. I was photographing Red-eyed Vireos and then this bird here in Winnipeg a couple weeks ago. In post processing its identity came into question.
  3. This morning I photographed a wet bird in Winnipeg--having difficulty ID because of the feathers sticking up.
  4. Is this bird a house wren? Photographed today in Winnipeg.
  5. Photographed this bird today. Unfortunately, this is the best shot I got before it was gone--I hope there is sufficient detail present to make an ID.
  6. Photographed this little bird today in Winnipeg. I've never seen a Canada Warbler before--so I want to be sure my ID is correct.
  7. Photographed today in Winnipeg. Could not figure out which warbler.
  8. Photographed this yellow colored warbler today here in Winnipeg
  9. Photographed in September in Winnipeg. Is this bird a young Sparrow and if it is which?
  10. Orange-crowned Warbler-3373 by peter spencer, on Flickr
  11. There were 2 Dunlin in this pond who I photographed (I posted a picture here before this one here). You could be right--However, there is a very dark line at the bottom of its belly which could be the edge of the dark patch of the Dunlin. Also, the beak appears to be larger and a little downcurved. Finally, the Dunlin image appears to be larger than the bird at the front even though its further distance from the camera. These were the facts I used to think its a Dunlin--all these observations are easily disputed. There were white-rumped sandpipers present in the pond so your interpretation of the image is possible. Unfortunately, I was using a 500 mm lens on a cropped-sensor camera and the distance was quite far---so I could not tell with the naked eye one way or another.
  12. Move!-0056 by peter spencer, on Flickr Dunlin being territorial.
  13. Obtained a photo of this bird today in Winnipeg. I think this is the same bird at a close but different location and lighting.
  14. Photographed this little bird here in Winnipeg--I tried using my bird book and got nowhere.
  15. My best effort --a female purple finch. Is that correct? If not what bird is it? Photographed here in Manitoba 5 days ago.
  16. A small Sandpiper at Oak Hammock marsh in Manitoba 5 days ago.
  17. Photographed this little shorebird Last Wednesday at the Oak Hammock Marsh here in Manitoba.
  18. Semipalmated Plover-9661 by peter spencer, on Flickr
  19. Dunlin and Marbled Godwit-9696-2 by peter spencer, on Flickr The Dunlin was a surprise its normal habitat is in the arctic.
  20. Photographed this little sandpiper at the Oak Hammock marsh just north of Winnipeg a few days ago. Which sandpiper is it?
  21. Swainson's Thrush-6426 by peter spencer, on Flickr
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