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  1. White-breasted Nuthatch-9804 by peter spencer, on Flickr
  2. Canada Geese-9445 by peter spencer, on Flickr
  3. Winter Stroll by peter spencer, on Flickr
  4. Panorama, BC--3919 by peter spencer, on Flickr
  5. Thanks for the link--the range shown there is different from the range shown in my book (Stokes Guide), although, they seem to show a difference for Southern Manitoba.
  6. Photographed this thrush here in Winnipeg at the end of September. Can't make up my mind which thrush it is.
  7. My bird book shows its winter range to be somewhat south of us-- though, so far in Winnipeg, we have not had any very cold weather. So, possibly it has not migrated as much south yet.
  8. Photographed this little owl, today, here in Winnipeg. Checked my bird book and still not sure of its identity.
  9. Photographed this warbler in Winnipeg this past October.
  10. Photographed these two birds today in Winnipeg. I am not sure whether these two birds are the same one as I photographed them at different locations in the English country garden. Is the top picture a Winter and the lower photo a House wren or both photos the same variety?
  11. Photographed this warbler today in Winnipeg. An Orange-crowned warbler?
  12. Photographed this warbler yesterday, here in Winnipeg. It has a lot to suggest its a Nashville but the head is the wrong color(not gray) and the leg color (pinkish) is wrong.
  13. Photographed this bird today, in Winnipeg. This is the first time I have seen this bird. It has similar properties to the bay-breasted and pine warblers. My bird book suggests that it has fall colors for the breed.
  14. Photographed this warbler in Winnipeg yesterday. I can't figure out which warbler using my book.
  15. Took a picture of this warbler feeding in these flowers, yesterday, in Winnipeg .
  16. Winnipeg is probably the extreme west of its range. I had photographed these birds in NW Ontario (~250 km east) they had blue crowns rather than olive.
  17. Photographed this bird, yesterday, here in Winnipeg
  18. Photographed this bird this morning here in Winnipeg.
  19. Photographed this little bird today in Winnipeg. it looks like it is some kind of sparrow. Not sure there is enough detail to ID.
  20. Photographed this little warbler today here in Winnipeg
  21. Photographed this warbler today here in Winnipeg this morning.
  22. I photographed this little bird in NW Ontario near the Manitoba border this past week. I thought it was a female red-winged blackbird but its back isn't dark or streaked. Also I think its beak is a little too pointed and its leg is the wrong color. Thanks Peter
  23. Eastern Phoebe-0516 by peter spencer, on Flickr Photographed this bird in NW Ontario, near Kenora close to a lake; June 1.
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