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  1. Thank you very much. I googled that name and that's exactly what it is. I appreciate your response.
  2. My husband and I were recently on vacation in Newfoundland and, as we were turning in to our destination for the evening, this little yellow bird was enjoying himself in a puddle in the middle of the driveway. We watched it for quite a while and were discussing what we thought it might be. It has the body shape and beak of a Grose beak but the colouring/markings are not like any we've seen before. The yellow brow on a black head and neck is unique. The body is yellow, the wings are all black, the back goes to white half way down. I have pictures but don't know how to attach them to this site. We saw him in the Grand Falls/Windsor area. I sure hope you can give us a name for this fellow. Nellie Wilson Uxbridge, Ontario. 905-852-1550
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