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  1. Hi victor! Your bird is almost certainly a Baltimore Oriole, even just from the photo and the location. I'm not an expert, but in my experience a lot of the time it's not the actual pattern of notes that matters, but the quality. Orioles (and lots of other birds) say different things, but you learn recognize their voices by the general tone and rhythm.
  2. Seldovia/Homer, AK 1. Marbled Murrelet? 2. Sandpiper sp. - Maybe Ruddy Turnstone with that white face and black breast? Idk, the black could just be shadow. 3. Common Loon - I really really really wanted this to be a yellow-bill, but with that white collar, it has to be an imm. Common, right? 4&5 Loon sp. - Pretty sure these are of the same bird. Terrible angle I know Thanks for any help!
  3. Yeah, it's a pale individual, but I think 1 is still a Eurasian Collared-Dove. 2&3 look like female lazuli buntings.
  4. 1 looks good for Orchard 2&3: The thick bill and darker wings -> female Scarlet Tanager
  5. I'm getting Gray Catbird and Carolina Wren.
  6. Both were in Homer, AK, this last week on the border between a pretty dense forest and a small clearing. recording 150: It sounds similar to so many things back east, but no idea here. birdnet_mobile_4493411695_recording_150.wav recording 155: Fox Sparrow? birdnet_mobile_4493411695_recording_155.wav
  7. Both this week in Llano Co. Texas. 1. Ruby-crowned Kinglet? 2. Field Sparrow?
  8. Ok, thanks y'all! That makes a little more sense. I should have clarified that I didn't think they were all the same bird!
  9. Hi all! Looking back over some of my photos, I found these guys mixed in with my rock wren photos. The eye-ring on the first one has me stumped. Just a house wren? All taken from the top of Emory Peak, 12/16/2021.
  10. Sallying for insects above treeline Granite Mountain, WA, elev. 5600. I'm 90% sure this is a Mountain based on habitat/location. But is there any way to rule out a female Western visually?
  11. Mt. Storm King near Port Angeles, WA. I've been trying to turn it into a Hermit, but it's just a Townsend's, right? 2021-06-19 11.50.15.wav 2021-06-19 11.50.00.wav
  12. Thanks guys! I had no idea gull ID was quite this intense, especially in the Pacific NW. But hey, if I learn it here, I can do it anywhere 🙂. I'll have to spend some time getting more familiar with the common local stuff and "delving into minutiae." Let's see if I can ask for a confirmation next time instead of an ID!
  13. What are "pp tips"? Primary projections?
  14. I have very little experience with gulls, so I'm not really surprised that I'm getting stumped. This guy was slightly smaller than nearby Glaucous-winged Gulls, but not excessively so, so I'm thinking maybe Iceland or Herring? It's kinda washed out, so it might not be IDable, but I thought I'd see if anyone had any suggestions. If you can, please also include why it's one or the other (or neither) so I know what to look for next time! Thanks! - Darrell Good
  15. Hi all! My best guess is Peregrine Falcon, but I have little experience with them, soo.. He was hunting bats from the Waugh Bridge Bat colony as they emerged; Is there any way to say for sure its not a Merlin or something else? 3-6-21, Buffalo Bayou Park, Houston Tx.
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