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  1. I'm thinking this is fairly obvious, but I'm drawing a blank... Is the light base of the bill just light reflecting weird? Broadway VA. 1-1-20 Thanks, -DG
  2. I'm going through some photos from a few years back and found this Goldeneye from Glacier NP that I had tentatively ID'd as a Barrow's. Is it possible to tell which species it is from these pictures? If it is, what makes you say one or the other? Thanks, -DG
  3. Some flycatchers from the past week from Hardy Co. WV. #1. Phoebe? Maybe a young/molting one. He looks pretty rough. #2-5. Willow Flycatcher? Marshy/brushy habitat matched well with (in my experience) Willow. I heard it call a couple of times, a soft "whit" somewhat like a Least, but the bill seems too big for Least. I know fall empids are hard though, especially fall ones with only photos... 😁 Thanks for the help!
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