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  1. I spotted this gull today, 10/30/2023 in Fort Worth, TX. I am not sure what it is? Any ideas? I am not good with gull IDs! Thank you!
  2. I took these photos of a tanager today in Fort Worth, TX. I know that these are not great photos, and it may not be able to tell what species this is. Summer tanagers nest here, so that is the common species. But, this bird seemed different. It seemed to have a smaller bill. I was thinking a female scarlet, but I have no experience with these. Could the experts out there please provide help? Thank you for all of your invaluable expertise! I am still learning!
  3. I observed this single dowitcher today, August 12, 2021 in Fort Worth, TX. My sister and I are new birders, and we can't decide if this is a long-billed or a short-billed. We didn't hear it call, and it was far away, so I know that these pictures may not confirm an ID. Please help! I want to learn so that I can get better at these!
  4. Hi, I took these photos today, 8/17/2020 in Arlington, TX. (DFW area). I am leaning Northern waterthrush on this one, but the long eyestripe confuses me. Also, are the streakings dense enough for a northern? Please help! Thank you!
  5. Hi, I am new to this. I took these pictures of a dowitcher on August 2, 2019 in Waco, Texas. Could someone please tell me if this is a long-billed or a short-billed dowitcher? It was by itself, and it didn't call or make any sounds. THANK YOU!!!
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