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  1. Thanks guys - really appreciate it. It would have taken me a long time to figure that out! Redstart was the furthest thing from my mind (OK- Curlew might have been a bit further, but you know what I mean). Not at all like the Redstart or Black Redstart that we have in Europe. Next time, I'll keep a completely open mind about bird names and not exclude familiar names from the search!
  2. Photographed this in low vegetation in the forested fringe around Chestnut Hill reservoir, southwest of the city. Habit was that of a flycatcher (?) or possibly warbler or vireo, flitting around from branch to branch, very close to me (had to move back to achieve minimum focus distance of about 3 metres with some shots). Spent 5 consecutive days within a few hundred yards of where these photos were taken and saw many birds, but no further occurrence of this one. 'Peach' coloured 'shoulders' contrast with lighter yellow undertail. Prominent black tip to tail. Extensive 'bristles' around the base of the beak. Some photos (in poor light) suggested an olive green-brown back. The photos were taken August 14, around 10am. Go easy on me (!) - my normal habitat is Europe. I spent a week in Boston on vacation and photographed anything that flew - most of them I can identify but I'm having difficulty with this one. Thanks in advance to anyone who can identify this.
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