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  1. The first photo has male and female BWT in front plus two female mallards and the weird bird in the back.
  2. I found an odd-looking mallard at the Skagit Wildlife Management Area, Wiley Slough, today. I'm not sure if it's a molting male (seems early for that, and the emerging body feather pattern looks more rounded/scalloped than a typical mallard) or a hybrid. Any thoughts? And, if you think it is a hybrid, any idea what the other species might be?
  3. Thank you all for the input. A lifer for me. I have added sharp-tailed sandpiper to my eBird list along with the photos.
  4. Saw this bird today among a large flock of dowitchers at the Reifel wildlife refuge near Vancouver, BC. Size, leg color and bill suggest pectoral, but the breast markings don't look quite right (color is off, and no clear delineation between streaked and unstreaked parts). Obvious white eye-ring and white eyebrow consistent with sharp-tailed sandpiper, which is rare here but does show up in small numbers during fall migration. Thoughts?
  5. 1. Pigeon guillemot would show white on wing. Alcid for sure, but not PG IMO. 2. Maybe a long-tailed duck? 3. Pigeon guillemots 4. Could be loons, but would not rule out red-breasted mergansers 5. No opinion
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