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  1. Heres a pic I took the other day of what I assume is a third year, I am no expert but I do monitor alot of nests for my state so get to see them in all different stages
  2. Looks like a third year to me, beak is yellow,the white mottling is almost gone, cant see if the eye has changed to yellow but it looks like it..
  3. I submitted this to flickrs best shot of 2021
  4. I think the Bill is the key,that is one big bill for an ash throated, I would call it a Great crested also..
  5. I am assuming this is a domestic mallard, it was hanging out with about a dozen mixed flock mallards and domestics, but it sure looks like its got some pintail in it...
  6. IN the last pic you can see the white on its face, like this one,
  7. A forsters would have the black go all the way across the eyes, just a reference for you...
  8. Eyes look red to me,but that could be a trick of the light, if they are red,then they are white faced...
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