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  1. Here’s one I took last week, from a distance I could see it being orange
  2. Although a yellow Breasted Chat isnt unusual in New jersey in the summer, It is in February, I dont think I have ever seen one over winter here. Crazy winter
  3. Although I tend to agree with you, Both Immature males and females can have the black feathers till their first adult molt. I was corrected many times by senior "birders" on this. The fact that this bird was with a mature male who actually was trying to mount it (and was successful once)makes me call it a female...
  4. Great story, https://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/stories/bald-eagle-oldest-crash-window-Wyoming
  5. Crazy what people will do when there is big money involved https://www.livescience.com/falcon-egg-thief.html
  6. Female Red Breasted Merganser w/blackfish
  7. Been real busy at work to post but did get out to see this Black Guillemot when it showed up in december here on the jersey shore
  8. Very cool, Eagles are lazy birds,they will harass and steal fish from Ospreys all the time, I see them do it here in jersey every summer. As far as your settings, 1200 for a shutter speed is ok, but 1600 or higher is way better for flying birds. I have some flying pics on my Flickr page,the link is in my sig, most of them were taken at 2000 shutter speed....
  9. Juvy Bald Eagles will winter roost with each other,combining their skills to catch prey. I see a Juvy Bald eagle here...
  10. If it was here on the East Coast I would have called it a Purple Sandpiper. I see their ranges dont overlap so its a Rock Sandpiper but they look amazingly similiar... I like it when I learn something..
  11. 1- pass 2-red throated loon?not sure, could be a common 3- red throated loon 4- red breasted merganser female 5-razorbill 6-black Scoter and red breasted merganser male to the right 7- immature male common eiders
  12. There are a bunch up and down the coast of nj right now, check ebird, it’s crazy how many are around, so I would say you got an ash throated there...must have been something on their migration route that screwed them up...
  13. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/30/trump-administration-to-reduce-protections-for-birds-report-says.html Scary.....
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