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  1. pictaker

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    Female White winged Scoter
  2. Heres a few birds that are known because of tags, the first one is a second year bird,which I would have called a first year if I didnt have the tagging info,almost no white on it at all, so again, aging them can be a tossup sometimes.. another Two year old, extensive white, one of the prettiest eagles I have ever seen, again this bird and the one above are the same age,shows how varied they can be, this one might be further along in its second year,maybe closer to three then the one above... Just cool to see any of them, but I love the juvy plumage more then the adults...
  3. Yes, I do a lot of nest watching for the state here and I get to see lotsa eagles, IMHO, I would call this a two year old entering its third year...I am not scientific about it, so cant give you anymore then what my gut says, that said, the juvies are so varied and the adults have nests beginning in december in south florida, to late march and even april up north(for a quick example, one nest I watch here in jersey they lay their eggs in the last week of january, another I watch,only 15 miles away, dont lay till march,depends on the bird I guess, so assuming it was born two springs ago,the purple beak shows no sign of yellow so I would say its entering its third year now.
  4. Looks like a second year bird to me...
  5. pictaker

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    Male Harlequin w/crab
  6. pictaker

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    Snowy Owl in a sandstorm
  7. Thanks, although I will still continue to get them wrong...lol...
  8. how about the notched tail...and thanks for the reply
  9. looks like a juvy sharpie to me, anyone agree or disagree sorry forgot to add location and date, not that it really matters with these but taken today in south jersey
  10. pictaker

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    loved seeing this guy/gal at sunrise this morning
  11. pictaker

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    Red Throated Loon