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  1. Peregrines eat rocks to get rid of Fatty buildup in their crops, Much like some birds eat dirt and sand so they can digest grains.. The peregrine will eventually hock up the rock coated with fat... and now you know the rest of the story...
  2. From Cornell The "Ipswich Savannah Sparrow," a subspecies that breeds on Sable Island, Nova Scotia, is nearly 50 percent heavier than most other Savannah Sparrow subspecies. It is the palest race, and is found in winter in sand dunes along the Atlantic Coast. It was formerly considered a separate species.
  3. There have been several Baltimore Orioles sightings in Jersey over the winter, I can tell you of at least 5 that have been confirmed, and are still here,plus a bullocks which is a mega rarity here. Can you give a county or town for the sighting?
  4. I have a nikon d500 w/ 600mm f4... and a 200-500 5.6, this was with the 600mm f4
  5. cant think it could be anything else...Taken today in south jersey
  6. This bird has been hanging at Manasquan inlet in New Jersey for about a month..
  7. A black Headed has been in the area for weeks but I suck at gulls,and most birds really..LOL... I want to say Black headed because of the black on the wings but I am usually wrong
  8. Technically yesterday,but I got in late and forgot to post
  9. Really tough choice, but I love this one, plus it’s a twofer
  10. Townsends Warbler here in south jersey, I think its determined to spend the winter
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