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  1. Yeah he has been zooming the road for the last week or so…crazy ass bird,he did the same thing last year about this time…
  2. Photographer first, I always say I like to take their picture,not count them..lol
  3. very nice, a tad too dark for me but its still a nice edit. One thing I always try to do,especially with birds, is make sure the eye can be seen,I realize thats not always possible but showing an eye,with the iris,makes the bird pop, even a bit of catch light on the eye can help, you can just select the eye in lightroom or whatever your program is and lighten it a touch and see how it looks.
  4. Went for the headshot..This grey ghost doesnt care about people being there,it will literally fly past feet away, I could have caught this guy with a crab net..LOL
  5. I would call this an adult female, most immatures I see have very little to no streaking on the breast and a cinnamon color to it like this while a female has a streaky breast like this or this I used to use the eyes(brown for female, yellow for males) but I have been told that it isnt a reliable ID feature... hope this helps...
  6. Probably just one with some domestic in it..
  7. I dont really have an opinion on the bird but as a FYI, the original post says it was taken in May.... not now...
  8. so many for me,but I think this one is really cool, the power convied by the water and the Ospreys facial expression really brings it together
  9. Couple of shots of the Little gull thats been hanging around manasquan inlet the last week or so...pretty nice movement of them up and down the jersey shore right now,along with dovekies and razorbills
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