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  1. I agree,not enough brown and white mottling to make it a second year,and the full purple beak rules out third year...
  2. The last one looks like a saltmarsh to me, not a seaside.Heres a pic of a seaside for comparison
  3. It looks like an adult,I dont see any barring on it in the pic that would lead me to believe its a juvy. as far as male or female,both sexes are pretty much the same,there is a general rule that the female has a bigger "necklace" of brown feathers around the neck but that is not a reliable id point.
  4. There has been a Henslow there all summer reported in ebird repeatingly for the last two months.... for what it’s worth... I can give you a positive on it because I literally suck at sparrows...lol
  5. Heres a few pics of Black crowned second year bird another second year bird and a recent fledged one, note the eye color of them and here are a few yellow crowned second year recent fledged and a one about to fledge, biggest thing to notice is beak shape,the YCNH is much blunter compared to the sharp BCNH hope these pics help...
  6. Probably a warbling but see if anyone smarter then me(which is about everyone here) agrees...
  7. I am sure I posted this before but this Grackle was nasty to this Black Crowned Night Heron
  8. There was a pacific there around that time frame...... this was taken jan. 30th right there...
  9. female Rose breasted seconded...
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