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  1. Hi everyone, taken today in south jersey, looks like a bold enough eye ring for least to me...pics 4 and 5 might be a different bird,there were several flycatchers flitting around
  2. Thanks, just did a deep dive on western red tails and man you guys got all kinds out there,LOL, If I saw this bird here in jersey I would have thought red shouldered all day, thanks for taking the time to explain it...
  3. Why isn’t this a red shouldered?… taking in the fact I am on the east coast
  4. My head says coopers but I would like to get opinions on it, It looks like a slight eyebrow on it,but I have seen many coops that look like this...
  5. Does number two have yellow feet? cant tell if its the leaves or not. Yellow feet=Blackpoll
  6. Palm warbler, maybe a western palm which would account for the dull look
  7. I would say white winged/ surf also…. You can see the longer head shape on a few of them….
  8. Top photo is a bay breasted bottom is a yellow warbler, Tom
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