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  1. There was a pacific there around that time frame...... this was taken jan. 30th right there...
  2. female Rose breasted seconded...
  3. I crop in when I can, a good bird pic will have the bird slightly off center looking in the direction of the longer crop. as if its goin to fly in that direction. A good flight shot is the same thing,more space on the side it is flying to,less space behind it. a couple of examples this male towhee has been cropped to where the tail is almost touching the back of the pic,but leaves plenty of space in front for it to fly away... This Yellow Crowned Night Heron has been cropped to make it appear as though it is flying off the page.the legs are close to the back end of the pic and the head is slightly past the middle
  4. Scaup have white in their wings, maybe thats what you saw?... although they arent black all over like white winged
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