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  1. Black Tern, been trying to get a pic of these guys for years,Its still not a great shot but its my first.
  2. Quick google came up with this YouTube link, looks like the same bird, apparently it resides in Klamath basin, Oregon, cool looking eagle
  3. Males are always smaller so I am assuming you are right...
  4. Yes Juvy's. Probably recently fledged, maybe you have a rookery around there...
  5. Black Crowned night heron chick begging for food
  6. Barn Swallow fledgling crying for food..
  7. Agreed, this is a juvy Tri-Color, probably what threw you off because the Adults have much more blue on the neck and face..
  8. Agreed, see many in the winter here...
  9. Sorry, always forget location..lol... south jersey coast, today
  10. Tough pic but could this be a nelsons?
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