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  1. Top one looks like an oriole to me but I can’t be sure, bottom one may be a least flycatcher with that eye ring, but again, let’s see what others think…
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised that your “glossy” is a hybrid. In some of the photos above I think I see some redness on the leg joints, which I have seen here in jersey in hybrids.
  3. I am only seeing the first pic, which looks like a house finch to me…
  4. Thought you guys might get a kick out if this one
  5. Same bird that’s been there for awhile, stitch posted almost the same pic back a few posts, Surf scoter….
  6. Red tail hawk, I lightened a pic and you can clearly see the red tail
  7. Wierd looking bird, maybe a crazy plumaged rough legged?
  8. Jersey has an extensive black duck banding program, and also has a tracker program. Bald eagles take a lot of black ducks here and I have been on a few searches for gps tracker that have ended up in or around eagle nests, and a few we never recovered because they were too far up in trees…
  9. Yeah, I forgot to put south jersey in the description, Calurus would be quite a stretch here...I was leaning abieticola when I saw it,quite the belly band for the borealis I usually see
  10. No, wish I could have gotten a few,it ducked out with trees in the way and no way to focus on it..
  11. Taken yesterday, not sure if borealis or abieticola. borealis is expected, just seems real dark on the belly band and I dont have enough experience with them to say either way. I am not sure you can make a judgement from the pics but I figured what the heck...not a big deal if its unidentifiable
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