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  1. another short eared owl, here it is april and they still are here...crazy
  2. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/salmonella-infections-eight-states-linked-wild-songbirds-cdc-says-n1262868 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating a multistate salmonella outbreak that the agency believes may be linked to wild songbirds and bird feeders. Nineteen people in eight states have been infected with salmonella, bacteria that can cause diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps from six hours to six days after exposure, the CDC said Thursday. They range in age from 2 months old to 89 years old, according to the agency. "Epid
  3. Thanks, the black head cap is just stained also?
  4. Taken today in south jersey, probably just a black duck hybrid but the coloring is crazy,not sure if the coloring is stained feathers from feeding or natural
  5. Another short eared owl, Just crazy right now here in south jersey, the Owls dont seem to want to leave,This one landed twenty feet from me.
  6. Ratings are subjective, you can get all your buddies to go on and rate it 5 stars if you want to, I have seen it done, so I wouldnt sweat any of the ebird stuff really. If you want to get honest opinions flickr has many groups that offer to rate your pic and tell you what they see wrong and right...
  7. Just an amazing year for short eared owls here in south jersey
  8. It’s actually a she, I monitor this nest for the state , the good thing about it is it’s right next to a road and I can sit in my car and take pictures of her when she sits on a tree that’s on the road. She tolerates me,lol, last year she layed eggs on the 15th of March,this year she doesn’t seem to be in a hurry, hoping she lays soon and doesn’t decide to skip a year.
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