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  1. LOL..... I really blew this one...I saw the eye arcs and went with that, thanks for correcting me everyone...
  2. Its a waxwing, I blew the pic up on my puter and the wing bars are from the tree branch, it has a yellow tipped tail...
  3. gotta go with a head shot of the rarity Sage Thrasher here in jersey, what a cool bird, just hung out for everyone to see...
  4. Sage Thrasher in New Jersey, how did it get here?....crazy stuff lands in jersey sometimes..
  5. Just for the sake of identity,A little gull would have dark(almost black) under the wings, I agree its probably a sanderling but cant be sure ....
  6. Looks like a hermit thrush to me,but wait for other opinions,I suck at thrushes
  7. Been awhile since I posted, life keeps getting in the way... nice to see an Orange crowned today though..
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