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  1. HI John, Heres a pic of a seaside I took during the summer this year,you can see how plain they are, good luck in the search for one!
  2. The third goose from the left side on the bottom is a snow, the two above it could be Ross’s but I don’t think you could get an Id from the pics.. edit- sniped by Alex henry
  3. Thanks, again. I see chipping now. the black isnt shadow,no sun there today to create shadows,it was raining like the dickens though.
  4. Thanks!! the legs were bothering me also but the black kinda rules out chipping no? Several longspurs were reported there today in the same area with reports of different stages of plumage.
  5. Cant see that last one being a chipping sparrow, heres another pic of it from the side,had to clean it up somewhat. still leaning lapland longspur to me. edit- and thanks for all the replies! you guys rock!
  6. All taken today in lousy rainy weather in south jersey. Thanks in advance... Ipswich savannah? Saltmarsh or nelsons? looks like enough yellow wash for nelsons but I am not sure this might be the same bird Lapland longspur?
  7. Also fall migrating Blackpolls are known to forage at ground level...
  8. Common heres a pic of both together for you to see the difference edit- sorry common on the left,red breasted on the right
  9. I agree,not enough brown and white mottling to make it a second year,and the full purple beak rules out third year...
  10. The last one looks like a saltmarsh to me, not a seaside.Heres a pic of a seaside for comparison
  11. It looks like an adult,I dont see any barring on it in the pic that would lead me to believe its a juvy. as far as male or female,both sexes are pretty much the same,there is a general rule that the female has a bigger "necklace" of brown feathers around the neck but that is not a reliable id point.
  12. There has been a Henslow there all summer reported in ebird repeatingly for the last two months.... for what it’s worth... I can give you a positive on it because I literally suck at sparrows...lol
  13. Heres a few pics of Black crowned second year bird another second year bird and a recent fledged one, note the eye color of them and here are a few yellow crowned second year recent fledged and a one about to fledge, biggest thing to notice is beak shape,the YCNH is much blunter compared to the sharp BCNH hope these pics help...
  14. Probably a warbling but see if anyone smarter then me(which is about everyone here) agrees...
  15. I am sure I posted this before but this Grackle was nasty to this Black Crowned Night Heron
  16. There was a pacific there around that time frame...... this was taken jan. 30th right there...
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