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  1. Btw, maybe it’s a South American dusky variation, not sure if they come up this far regularly.. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Black-crowned_Night-Heron/photo-gallery/70692971
  2. Immature black crowned, there plumage can vary widely till they become mature, see many at the rookery here in Jersey with all kinds of colors…
  3. Dunlin , least, the middle one looks like a semi, but I am not a shore bird expert
  4. Indigo buntings sound right... https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Indigo_Bunting
  5. I see them occasionally here on the beach,Usually, like I said after a storm has beat them up, if there is a bay nearby they float around there, on the calm side out of the wind.
  6. agree, red throated loon, probably just tired from the storm this weekend, it was quite a noreaster here in jersey, not sure how bad it was up there...
  7. Thanks, I had a scarlet male right before this shot, I just didnt know if immature males could be this red without black wings...
  8. Leaning toward Summer with that big bill,but I am not 100% sure on anything anymore
  9. It looks to me that both have red eyes which would make them both white faced….
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