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  1. Young lark or vesper sparrow? just spitballing here... I dont have any experience with west coast sparrows
  2. For this shot it was my Nikon d500 and 600mm f4, it helped that the thrush actually came out of a rose bush and sat in the light, That never happens with them..LOL.. I also have a d850 and a 200-500mm that I use a lot...
  3. Agreed, looks like a first year bird with that big honker and the mottled white breast
  4. Wish we could see the feet, that would settle it either way… any more pics?
  5. Tough to tell, I don’t see much of an eye ring ,but not sure if juvies develop them later or not…not sure what else it could be, besides swainsons
  6. Looks like a nighthawk,dont know which is in your area,lesser or common
  7. Agreed, Prairies dont have white wing bars like that...
  8. Taken today in south jersey, lots of scarlets around but this one has a big honkin bill and I dont really see any black on its wings.
  9. I thought tri color at first glance, but I am often wrong..lol
  10. Thanks, was doubting myself, so many migrants today it was hard to keep up...
  11. NOthing else seems to fit to me, I thought it was a blackpoll at first but after goin through my pics it has dark legs and feet.
  12. Scarlet, summers have a way bigger bill then this one…
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