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  1. Heres a prairie a little further along then the one above,maybe that will help
  2. See them all the time up here, the smoke phase is a pretty cool looking bird, they are not domestic bred,just a natural color form, heres one from jersey
  3. My first impression was a recently fledged Prairie warbler, but I am not a good"birder" with Id's
  4. Little blue Heron fledgling getting in some flight time
  5. Little blue heron chick wing stretching
  6. Recently fledged Redtail hawk with dinner
  7. Sub Adult Little Blue Heron (calico).. trying something different,using my instagram feed to host pic,I am slowly deleting pics off flickr because of their 1000 pic rule for free accounts. Dont think the quality is there but at least it will stay on the web.
  8. White Ibis, they are currently on eggs, which if they hatch will be the first recorded nesting pair in New Jersey,ever!!
  9. Yellow Crowned Night heron chicks, about 4 weeks old
  10. Yellow Crowned Night Heron chicks, about two weeks old
  11. Glossy Ibis Chick,roughly two weks old
  12. the wings look long enough,but peeps are not my strong suit...
  13. With that much purple in its beak I would say this is a third year bird goin into its 4th year molt, 4th years usually have a clean yellow beak. But either way,its an immature Bald Eagle
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