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  1. Thanks Connor, I see the similarity now.
  2. I photographed this bird Sept 10 in Keystone, Colorado. It was feeding in a weedy gravel parking lot in the company of several White-crowned Sparrows. Longspur??
  3. I photographed this small bird May 9 in the Santa Rita Mts of southern Arizona. As I was watching it, I thought it was a gray vireo, but upon downloading the photo it is much browner than I realized.
  4. I photographed this flycatcher August 23, 2019 near Rangeley, Maine. Unfortunately no song heard.
  5. I observed this hawk Sept. 2, 2019 soaring in circles above the forest near Rangeley, Maine. My best guess is a dark morph of a Broad-winged Hawk, but I am very uncertain.
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