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  1. Not a Northern Cardinal, but I did look at Summer Tanger again and I think that nails it. I do recall now seeing it on the feeder a couple of times, but if the feeder was empty, it must have gone to ground looking for food. Lord, I have five feeders and two suet feeders. Thanks!!
  2. Thx all. I'm in SW Missouri. We feed Pennington wild bird feed and this bird was feeding on the ground, so no, I did not see his/her beak. I just noticed how very sleek and stately the bird was, and put me in mind of the mourning dove but not as plump.
  3. This bird only came to my yard a couple times that I know of. Very red, very sleek with a dove like stature. Appeared to be a ground feeder because I never saw it hit the feeders. I do not have a pic, i'm sorry. But if you can give me some ideas based on this info, I can try to look it up again on this site. TIA
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