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  1. thanks but think I will pass on Maggie - probably grow broke buying reward biscuits...smiling
  2. need to know if Maggie comes with guarantee. So far two foxes and at least 4 hawks have had little luck. Does Maggie climb trees just kidding...if you were to leaser her out...then what would happen to your squirrel population. And I have to admit it - the squirrels can be entertaining at times
  3. ahhhhhhh I see you to not have the problems with squirrels that I...Mine seem to be training for the Olympic Long Jump or something...if I have anything within 6 feet of any of my feedes...the squirrels jump the gap
  4. agreed ...looked up in https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/American_Avocet/id
  5. I have opened one suet ...woodpeckers treat and it was fine....have not opened a new suet dough - no melt suet. I had some problems about a year ago - the suet was too crumbly but not in the past 10 or so months. And i use the suet in a log...holes drilled in a log so it must not be crumbly ...so far ...so good. one thing - the store I use did not have any of the usual type of suet that i use - peanut treat so that is why I used woodpecker treat...mostly woodpeckers on the long anyway and nuthatches. The suet dough goes in a feeder that all birds can use but still mostly woodpeckers or nuthatches if the quality changes I will make a note of it here. I did notice when the crumbliness was first noted I posted it here and someone with the same problem contacted C&S and were satisfied with the response
  6. went to get some suet from walmart the other day and could not find my usual....C&S sued dough and suet. Looked like they had a new brand. But upon closer inspection it was C&S in new packaging. and the suet dough is not longer marked dough..just has a NO MELT label on it. They have not changed the names though...thank goodness
  7. I have had less birds this year than any other...for months. One possible reason is a neighborhood cat - been seen in our back yard often and it may be scaring birds away though the feeders are well placed to avoid predators.
  8. one other nice thing about the Cornell site are the maps they have the first being the normal range map but one that i use more is the sightings map - gives you a much better idea of if the bird had been in your area. and i too agree with osprey...have seen them ( individually an in pairs) just about everywhere i have traveled...at least in the US. They are somewhat distinctive once ID'd. The almost white head with brown eye line (paraphrased from Cornell) and the strong hooked beak.
  9. are the red headed ducks in this bunch buffleheads as well?
  10. saw this bird....think it all the same bird or type...in Irving Nature Center Baltimore Co MD on October 24 - any help appreciated 1 Irving 2 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr 2 Irving3 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr 3 Irving 1 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr
  11. one question...i have had a bird identified as a juvenile northern harrier a the Henderson Nevada Bird Viewing Preserve. the only white patch it had...based on my photos was on the top of the tail
  12. hmm my guide makes the rough legged hawk look different so I looked it up in Allaboutbirds - Cornell and there have been no sightings in the past few years anywhere near Las Vegas. As I mentioned this was from my hotel room in Vegas. But who knows..thanks
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