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  1. I really hesitate to question akundula but the female purple finch I have seen have a much more precise white eyebrow  plus the house finch has a notched tail. not sure if the tail on the picture is notched or just shadowed...but I would have said house finch

    Plus the breast streaking looks more like the house ....checked Cornell 

  2. Thank you all

    Charlie Spencer - the 40# bag of BOSS that I usually get - Pennington  - is below the price for free delivery.  And yesterday I saw a couple of 40# bags in the store...a couple not the dozen or more I usually see.  The rub is I am moving soon and will not need that much seed right now.  Still do not know how much I may need at the new place. Also as an aside...the BOSS that i do get now seem to have more debris in  it...little bits of wood etc.  But beggars cant be choosers and the birds do not seem to mind.

    ruthcatrin...yes we have seen all sort of things being sold out as you mentioned...it was suggested to me that with all the time people have had at home lately..they see more and more things to do and have time to do them


    thank you all again..

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  3. thank you for your response ruthcatrin....things are still short around here.  I was able to get a 20# bag of BOSS the other day but when I went back for suet dough - they were out again and out of suet dough and most kinds of suet.. This was walmart but I checked Lowes and Homedepot and one other place .same story.  Will just have to see how thing progress...

     but thanks again..interesting

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  4. Baltimore County Maryland - several feeders...mostly BOSS, suet and suet dough: and one humming bird feeder, occasionally niger..till i run out

    Regularly - house finch, cardinals, downy, hairy and red bellied woodpeckers, american goldfinch, mourning dove, white-breasted nuthatch, chipping sparrow, carolina wren, carolina chickadee, tufted titmouse, blue jay, ruby throated hummingbird, junco, white-throated sparrow

    bluebirds nesting usually do not feed unless i put out mealworm

    we have hawks in the area but they only occassionaly visit..usually to get a dove -red tailed, red shouldered, coopers and broad-winged

    occassionaly usually migrating rose breasted grosbeak, purple finch and starlings (YUCK and luckily only one or two).

  5. has anyone else having problems finding BOSS,.  I used to get it in 40 lb bags but until yesterday...could only get 10 lbs bags and they were $$.  Yesterday finally saw 20 lb bags and got two.  One 20 lb bag was only about $2 more that a 10 lb bag and two them were just about the same price difference from a 40 lb bag.  May be just in this area but have been to stored in about a 25 mile radius from where I am in Baltimore County MD.  Did not go to any specialty stores...they are $$$$

    thank you

  6. 20 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    Maggie, aka 'SquirrelBane the Unstoppable'.  Fourteen pounds of Hell on paws.


    need to know if Maggie comes with guarantee. So far two foxes and at least 4 hawks have had little luck.  Does Maggie climb trees

    just kidding...if you were to leaser her out...then what would happen to your squirrel population.  And I have to admit it - the squirrels can be entertaining at times

  7. On 3/13/2020 at 8:42 AM, akandula said:

    I actually put a large fallen log from the woods upright right under my suet feeder. It looks like a tree leading up to the food. When the Downies want to eat the suet, they first fly onto the “tree” and I can take many natural-looking shots. If you put the log close enough to the feeder, the woodpeckers sometimes don’t even go onto the feeder, but stand on the log and peck at the feeder! 

    ahhhhhhh I see you to not have the problems with squirrels that I...Mine seem to be training for the Olympic Long Jump or something...if I have anything within 6 feet of any of my feedes...the squirrels jump the gap

  8. I have opened one suet ...woodpeckers treat and it was fine....have not opened a new suet dough - no melt suet.  I had some problems about a year ago - the suet was too crumbly but not in the past 10 or so months.  And i use the suet in a log...holes drilled in a log so it must not be crumbly ...so far ...so good.

    one thing - the store I use did not have any of the  usual type of suet that i use - peanut treat so that is why I used woodpecker treat...mostly woodpeckers on the long anyway and nuthatches.  The suet dough goes in a feeder that all birds can use but still mostly woodpeckers or nuthatches

    if the quality changes I will make a note of it here.  I  did notice when the crumbliness was first noted I posted it here and someone with the same problem contacted C&S and were satisfied with the response

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  9. went to get some suet from walmart the other day and could not find my usual....C&S sued dough and suet.  Looked like they had a new brand.  But upon closer inspection it was C&S in new packaging.  and the suet dough is not longer marked dough..just has a NO MELT label on it.  They have not changed the names though...thank goodness

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  10. one other nice thing about the Cornell site are the maps they have

    the first being the normal range map

    but one that i use more is the sightings map - gives you a much better idea of if the bird had been in your area. 


    and i too agree with osprey...have seen them ( individually an in pairs)  just about everywhere i have traveled...at least in the US.  They are somewhat distinctive once ID'd. The almost white head with brown eye line (paraphrased from Cornell) and the strong hooked beak.  

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