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  1. agree with downy...shorter beak. (unless just the angle) and spots on tail. And in my opinion...the Downy has a more pronounced forehead
  2. and just to confuse matters....I would have said crow - the bird seems a bit "smooth" to be a raven though i have not seen an eastern one...only out west. Also the crows in MD seem to fly in flocks - murders ...if that helps while the ravens i was in the west were usually in pairs if not singly but as Millipede said - bet wait for others
  3. Edit again...not paying close enough attention on photo with three middle sparrow - chipping left sparrow - white throated....that yellow touch right sparrow.....will leave it to others
  4. that was my impression as well..from the hook on the beak to the split tail...looks like some i saw in Florida...and some pictures were like these - Magnificent Frigatebird
  5. smiling....now I see the little blue.....and the difference between the tri-colored heron earlier
  6. got it thanks...was put off by the beak and leg color
  7. could this be a non-breeding plumage of a little blue....beak and legs are darker than I would expect for Tri-colored
  8. and I have another question...I am not disputing the ID...far from it. But how does one determine this..what field marks should I look for
  9. beat me but a more probable ID anyway...i was going to say Tundra because in the first and second photo....I though I saw a patch of yellow rigth in front of the eye but the photo was enlarged and it may have been the sun...but Trunda
  10. This is a good one....picture great but i cannot ID it.....Looked at all three (prairie, peregrine and gryfalcon) to me closed to dark morph gryfalcon but while have been spotted in NJ it is considerably of normal range...Head lacked "sideburns" of peregrine or prarie I will pass this one on
  11. did you happen to see it in flight. I just saw my first outside of Las Vegas and when they fly there is a conspicuous white patch near where the tail meet the body - this one was ID'd for me by the staff at he Clark County Wetland in Las Vegas in February of this year...a juvenile I believe juvenile Northern Harrier 2 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr
  12. thank you...pictures can be as confusing sometimes as they can be helpful
  13. in the first picture..is that the bill sticking out from behind the blade of grass? if so seems the wrong shape and size for a sparrow. But I a terrible as IDing sparrows (among others) and the face seems different from my guide did i miss where and when this picture was taken
  14. agreed as to the birds in flight....that white patch on their wings
  15. as usual...i am late but yes Northern Shoveler....that bill is almost a dead giveaway
  16. thank you all have labeled it now...should do that all the time
  17. agree that is is a red bellied woodpecker - see a lot of them here in Baltimore County MD
  18. thank you millipede....and i got thrown off too..by the yellow and that i could not see its eyes... thanks again
  19. i agree ..head profile as mentioned by IvoryBillHope
  20. saw this bird in the Everglades Dec 2016 - thought i may have asked for and ID earlier but find no record..(in my flicker acct) so will ask again and pardon me if it has aready been up everglades 2016 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr i cannot seem to find anything in my guides
  21. chipping sparrows visit my feeder somewhat regularly - BOSS in them. But they also like to forage on the ground beneath then...picking up seed that has spilled. I beleve we have two pair nesting now and have not used the Christmas tree idea....maybe next year
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